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Jewelry Box Memories

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yesterday I had an amazing thing happen.

The story starts back about 40-some years ago.

After returning from Vietnam, my high school sweetheart gave me a beautiful inlaid wood jewelry box that played Greensleeves. I cherished it for years. Until he went away and broke my heart. The jewelry box became a reminder of the heartbreak, so I tucked it away in my 'hope-less chest' until 1985 when I passed it on to MB, a dear friend and co-worker, at the time of her marriage.

MB and I worked together for several years, then I moved away, and she moved on. But our paths seem to cross every few years.

MB and I have the type of friendship that requires no apologies (I'm sorry I haven't called but . . ., I was going to call but . . ., etc. ) Each time we'd get together, we seemed to pick up the conversation where we'd left off the last time we were together.

Our belief systems and political views have been almost diametrically opposite. . . . but our friendship has been made all the more rich by being able to share our opinions and beliefs in a safe a respectful environment.

Amazingly, over the years, we have had many similar life experiences. Planes, travels, triumphs, sorrows, unravelings. Some not so similar. While I was living/working in Australia, MB faced and survived breast cancer. I knew nothing about it.

Last week our paths crossed again and we made plans to have lunch yesterday.

MB's 63 years old now, retired, the divorce is final, and she's going into the Peace Corps, something she's wanted to do all her life. The little bit she has left is going into storage.

Then she pops the question: Do I want to have the jewelry box back? or would I like to 'store' jewelry box for her while she's away?

Yes, of course! What a flood of memories and emotions!

We chatted for 3 hours. So much water under (and over) the bridge.

Unfortunately the internet is slow as molasses in January and I can't upload a picture of the jewelry box. . . but it is sitting here in front of me.

No jewelry inside, but it is filled with so many memories.

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