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First ultrasound! And how I've been doing, and goals.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

This morning, I had my 2nd prenatal appointment. My blood pressure was 145/90, and fully clothed (and bloated and TMI- constipated) on the doc's scale I weigh 192.9. (I weigh myself at home, after "my morning business", and in undies, so I knew I'd be a bit heavier there).

We did the first ultrasound, and of course there wasn't much to see. Just one tiny seed-shaped thing with a fluttering tiny heart. The baby's heart rate was 131 and the baby's the size of a grain of rice. The baby's at 6 weeks 6 days, so my due date is January 10th!

They also found a fibroid on my uterus. It's 3 cm, and the doc doesn't seem too concerned. I am though! I've never had one. I'm pregnant. There's a growth on my uterus that is not a baby! My mom had a fibroid that went undiagnosed and grew to be the size of a grapefruit (4lbs!). She had to have a hysterectomy. All the doc said was they'd keep an eye on it and as long as it doesn't affect the "embryonic chamber" there's nothing to worry about.

He's having me do a 24 hour urine collection to get a baseline of the protein in my urine if, later on, he suspects I am developing preeclampsia. They won't do anything about my blood pressure unless it hits 160/110. "Babies actually do worse if we treat mild hypertension. Even with really high blood pressure, we're treating you to keep you from having a stroke or heart attack, not because of the baby."

My fatigue is not from anemia, so I just have to tough it out till get out of the "hormone surge" of the first trimester.

That's it on the appointment.

As far as me, I've been so wiped out. I am barely keeping up on the housework and taking care of my 4 and 5 yo, exercising has gone out the window. I've been getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night (waking up on my own in the mornings) and find myself snoozing on the couch for 20 mins 2x a day. Not good with 2 small kids in the house. I know all it takes is one accident! My kids are super though, and will play in their rooms, (as I type they are in my daughter's room and I hear legos being dumped out and scooted around with lots of "Woahs" and "Vrroooms" and "Help, I'm stuck!"), or watch tv and not cause too much trouble (other than trashing their rooms).

I've been eating decently healthy (no fast food since lunch Saturday and even then it was half a burger and half an order of fries). My sodium intake is a bit higher than I'd like (averaging 2000-2500), but my doc said that's fine (eventually, my body will need more sodium to help the placenta stay healthy, which is why a lot of pregnant women crave salty stuff).

So, other than my insane tiredness, all's well.

My next appt is in 3 weeks (to keep an eye on my blood pressure). So I'm making goals for the next 3 weeks.

1. Drink water. Lots of water. (I do this anyway, but now I really need it)
2. Exercise for at least 10 mins 5/7 days. Even if it's just a 10 min walk around the neighborhood with the kids.
3. Avoid fast food at all costs. I don't need the sodium, the fat, or the empty calories.

I'll keep y'all updated!

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LITTLE1DER 5/23/2013 6:08PM

    I went through the blood pressure scare with my doctor (for me they were using the wrong cuff giving me a incorrectly high reading) and she basically said the same thing about not treating it unless my health is at risk. They will probably have you do additional U/S to see if the baby is growing/ feeling the effects of your BP. Hang in there. Keeping active as much as possible really helps a lot I know you are exhausted but get those kiddo's out for some walks.
Take are!

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AUSTRALIA55 5/23/2013 5:59PM


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