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SSR - testing out the Achilles/ankle

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It has been about a week and a half since I came up lame with a sore ankle/Achilles after a 12 mile run. I have been stretching, rollering, and walking in the mean time. I injured myself shortly after signing up for a 10k this weekend (25 May) and have not been sure if I will be able to run by the race or not.

This morning I tested it out on a 5k loop through campus. It was definitely a short slow run (SSR) for me. 29 min, 9:15 pace. It started to feel tender/sore again by the end. Bummer!

What to do on Saturday? My friend is also running, I may go to the race with him and see if they will let me switch into the 5k category and just take it slow and easy. Or miss the run. The 10k is out of the question though. When I signed up, I was thinking it would be a good race to try to PR (45:11, set in 2001 or so). Now, I can forget about that and focus on getting it healthy again.

The majority of my fitness time and stress outlet has been with running. It is hard to not run. I find myself watching others run by and wanting to go join them. Instead I will work on finding other exercise options until I can run comfortably again. Maybe it is a good time to tune up the road bike?

One of my goals for the year is to run 1,000 miles. I am at about 480 right now, which is ahead of schedule. If my recovery and rehab are not too long, I should be able to still make it. Otherwise, I may have to reassess that target.
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    I completely understand the urge to run and being envious of runners I see. I'm 2 1/2 weeks into sitting out a broken toe. Thank goodness for the bike, elliptical and swimming.
    1729 days ago
    Slow & steady, you'll be back up to snuff in time!

    1729 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Go for the 5k and camaraderie. You may not be able to run, but you can get your hit of endorphins anyway. I think you have to start working in crosstraining days. The bike may be good for you now, but you also might start to work in some swimming work outs. And since you are running, biking and swimming anyway you might as well sign up for a triathlon....(#badinfluence)
    1730 days ago
    You are smart not to let your mileage goal trump the need to recover from a strain. Speaking as one who did not do this because of trying to hit that magic 1000 last year, (and am still dealing with tendonitis) I congratulate you on being sensible and focussing on the long-term.
    1731 days ago
    You're doing the right thing in not running this weekend. Achilles injuries can last a long time if not healed properly. Hopefully you will get to see an orthopedic doctor soon and start a rehab program. Doing it right, you'll be running again before you know it!
    1732 days ago
    I've been suffering from Achilles tendonitis for the last 3 years. It really limits how hard I can work out. About 3 months ago I started taking Osteo Biflex for a knee issue. I'm not sure if its the osteo meds. but my Achilles heel does not hurt anymore. I thought osteo biflex was just for joints but I have a feeling it is helping my heel. It's weird, the pain is gone. I haven't done anything different other than lost some weight.
    1732 days ago
    Ouch. Speaking as someone who has come back too soon from injury and worked too hard, I'd encourage you to just watch this weekend. It's way too easy to let yourself run too hard in a competitive event.

    You will come back to running. You just won't come back as quickly as you'd like. Been there, done that, got the expensive tech shirt.
    1732 days ago
    I'm sure that you'll be running again in no time... Just give it time to heal properly.

    1732 days ago
  • OWL_20
    You're doing a great job of putting focus where it should be: on rehabbing the ankle/foot. It's tough, but you'll be better for it in the long haul. The good part about this is that running will always be there for you.
    1732 days ago
    I think you made the best possible decision.
    Get well soon!
    1732 days ago
    It is hard to miss what we have trained for. I've been nursing a knee issue this past week and it kills me that I am not 2 weeks behind in my training schedule and will probably have to miss the 5k I want to do in 2 weeks. But better to chafe at the delay but wait to heal properly than risk worsening the injury. So okay, the first rain free day this week, I took my daughter's bike out for a ride. Who knows, maybe I'll develop a new sport preference (although I admit it was very thought for a first ride after a very long time).

    I agree with the others, go and support your friend and the back of the pack by running a slow easy 5k if your ankle feels up to it.
    1732 days ago
    I think I am going to not run in the race. I may or may not be able to go to cheer on my friend and the other runners, there are a few other moving pieces (family wise) to consider.

    I scheduled an appointment with my primary care dr for next week to get it checked out. I have to go through them to get a referral to a sports/orthopedic dr anyway. Hopefully I will get a better idea what I should be doing to rehabilitate and how much is too much.

    Thanks for all the great feedback everyone!
    1732 days ago
    I am on the injured reserve right now too. Stinks huh?

    Ya I know bike, yoga strength , swim

    But running is my thing - hate to be out of the loop. So many races last week end and I know I could have done well - (if I was healthy) ARGGGHHH!

    I say if you do not think that you can run the 5k in a moderate way - go - support your friend and take this as an opportunity to volunteer and give back to your sport. ...Watch the other runners in a way that you never get to do when you are running the race. Interesting and you may learn something.
    1732 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    Run a slow 5k, you'll feel like you're missing out if you have to sit it out least I would. Take care of yourself!
    1732 days ago
    You are handling this so smartly. I think you be back out there soon since you haven't been pushing it. I'm only at 367 and my goal is 1,000. You'll get there!
    1732 days ago
    I like the way you are taking care of yourself. I use ankle and left knee support every time I run. I know those are my weak spots, so I take care of them. I would go ahead and run a slow 5K if I was in your position, but you will do what's right for you.
    Good luck, my friend.
    1732 days ago
    Attend the the race. Support your friend and live to fight another day.
    1732 days ago
    I know it is hard but you are doing a great job babying it right now. You will be out there again soon.
    1732 days ago
    You can try to apply KT Tape for Achilles Tendonistis - it will give you support. If you aren't willing to try the KT tape - I would go and support your friend running the 5K...don't risk it.
    1732 days ago
    Skip it. 10Ks are plentiful, there is always another.

    1732 days ago
    Hope you recover quickly... injuries can be so frustrating and I'm sorry you will miss out on the 10k. Take it easy and yes, getting on the bike would be a great exercise alternative.. so would swimming.

    1732 days ago
    I know this is hard but you are certainly doing the right thing. You are listening to your body and allowing it the time ti needs to recover. That is terrific.

    Somehow I have a feeling you're going to meet that 1,000 miles!
    1732 days ago
    ....:::getting your emoticon out sounds smart! I hope you recover your strength in your ankle so you can emoticon ....:::wishing you a complete recovery with no setbacks.
    1732 days ago
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