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Weight loss challenge winner March-May

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My weight loss journey has come such a long way in the time I've been on Sparks. I have learned such a lot here by reading of the rise and fall of people who have made the same huge journey (ie Indygirl to name one) and made a decision not to try and do it all in one dose, but realize that it is a marathon. A long road of ups and downs, good days and bad days, quite frankly good weeks and bad weeks. Just keep picking myself up, dusting myself off and making fresh starts and trying to widen the gap between fall downs. I have managed this - finally.

I have a whole journal from my first 20kgs lost and regained. I have read it over and over again trying to see why the regain? Ultimately it seems that stress and insulin are two huge culprits in keeping me obese...not fully to blame, but a big part of it.

I finally came really close to having a stroke due to my ever rising insulin and ended up with a homeopath who really seemed to know what he was doing. He changed my diet completely, even though it seemed that I was pretty healthy with what I ate, it wasn't healthy for me. ie I could not have watermelon, oranges, butternut, beetroots etc which I was pretty living on and still miss. But for me, it had to be low to no simple carbs, no added sugars or sugar foods as well as raw foods as much as possible. THIS is working for me.

I started 3 months ago at my all time highest weight with a local weight loss challenge group paid for by my son. Its so close to Sparks program, it could have been inspired by Sparks but it isn't, its Herbal life based.
I did so well in the first month losing 7kgs (15pounds) and 39cms

I went on to win most of the weeks challenges set before us.

I lost the most weight, and Gale had the highest muscle mass gain, so we shared the crown which she wore since they only had one crown.

Ultimately they invested in a second crown because I was running away with this challenge and the other ladies were getting a little despondent. Our leader found reasons why the others could win also....sweet of her...but I know and they know WHO REALLY WON. lol

And again....what can i say...I was diligent.

I started boot camp somewhere in between all of this and watched not only my weight loss happening but also my body changing shape.

My final win....R500 which I reinvested in another go round of weigh loss challenge of which the next prize is a boat trip for two and the balance I have paid out for one more month of boot camp, so I'm set till the end of August with paid up boot camp and weight loss challenge.

My husbands favorite current photo of me and my great dane, the lovely Jewel.

So now I am on my way to shaking the next 10+ kgs off. It all starts again on Monday evening, but I've been so super good even this week. I think its going to please our weight loss challenge lady to see more weight off between last challenge and the one to come, because she specially said to those returning, "please don't go putting on weight now between the challenges"......I took her at her word and didn't.

So more healthy choices to come and more weight loss, more feel good etc. What I will do for clothes I still do not know LOL...but I am quite sure I wont go naked. I've managed to take in quite a lot of my clothes, and had to toss those I can no longer take in.

I see my friend Anne in a weeks time and she has not seen me since I lost this weight.
Cant wait to see her expression.
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