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Counting my blessings

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I have so much to be grateful for ever day. Food to eat, roof over my head, basic needs met, friend, family, beautiful areas to hike around me, God's love (that is the first one) and lots of other things. When I see the tragedies with the tornados this week my heart is broken for them. At the same time I'm grateful that my son and his family, who live in Shawnee, OK are safe. The tornado that hit one town on Sunday evening and killed 6 people was only 20 miles from Shawnee. All of those areas hit need are continued prayers. My daughter's youngest child, Daysha, who is 5 has been with her grandmother in Kansas for a while and on Sunday they had to go to a shelter because of threats but then it the tornado missed them and everything was okay. My son in Shawnee sent pics of a tornado that hit in their area but there was not the same devastation as in the other town 20 miles away. Moore, which was hit Monday, was further away from where he lives. So I'm grateful for his safety and for my other granddaughter's safety this week.

I live in an area where wildfires are a huge danger this time of year. New Mexico has been in a drought state for 3 years now, and even when not early summer brings high wildfire danger because we don't get summer rains until about mid July. On Tuesday night a wildfire started just right outside of the city limits in an area that was mostly open space but residential section close to it. That residential section had a bad fire in that area a year ago that spread like crazy and destroyed or damaged some homes. It was caused by the hot underside of a car that stopped on the side of the road where there was dry grass. That's all it took to spark a fire. And that day it was very windy and some gusts up to 70 mph so the fire took off very very fast. Firefighters worked hard and were able to protect so many homes and no lives were lost. This fire was 200 acres, but they got it under control before it spread into the residential area and no major damage was done. I'm grateful because it could have been so much worse. We continue to pray for rain here.

I have a yellow, 10 1/2 year old lab named Abigail. She is my baby. She spends a lot of time in my room but spends a little time outside in the yard. I have a chain link fence around my yard. But sometimes people forget to close the gate and she gets out. I worry so much about something happening to her when that happens. She used to disappear for a few hours, but the last year she's slowed down a lot and is usually only gone 10 to 20 minutes. But still so much can happen. I live in town in an area where the street gets a fair amount of traffic, and a few blocks from where a high traffic street is. I am always on family to make sure the gate is closed, but sometimes friends of theirs stop by for something and don't close it. On Tuesday afternoon I was out doing a home visit for work in a community 10 miles from town. Just as I was getting ready to leave that area, my 27 year old son who also lives with me called and said she'd been hit by a car. He said he didn't see cuts, but she was kind of just laying on the floor in my room. He said she also had black on her side that looked like maybe tire marks. And that the person who hit her and brought her to the house. I'm so grateful for people who stop instead of just speeding on. But anyway, I was worried about her as I drove home. When I went in the room, I didn't see anything wrong with her, except the marks on her, but she was just kind of lying there. But she does that a lot so it was really hard to tell if anything was wrong. I checked her over and let her rest there. About an hour later I had a sandwich and she jumped up to come over and see if she could beg some of the crust. So it looked like she was okay. She went outside later to do her business and didn't seem hurt. Yesterday morning I took her for a walk to see how she did. I was looking for any signs of pain or limping or anything that wasn't obvious at home. She did just fine and was her usual self, so excited to be out and trying to get me to move faster. The only thing I noticed is that when a car would come up the street where we were walking she would get as far away from the street as her leash and the ground would let her but other than that she was fine. I am so grateful that she wasn't hurt or killed by that car. Much as I try to keep her safe, just like kids, sometimes things happen we couldn't control.

I have had 2 daughters and 4 grandkids living with me or a while and money has been tight. One daughter finally got a job and started working about a month ago again. My other daughter has a lot of health problems and hasn't been able to work and still trying to get disability. So I've been basically supporting them. So many things I wish I could get them involved in but the budget is just too tight. My grandson Elijah is going to be 13 on Sunday and is going into 8th grade next year. He really wants to join band next year. But he needs an instrument, and because he wasn't in band this year he would have to be tutored during the summer to help him learn some basics. There's just no way we could come up with that. One of his teachers called me yesterday afternoon and said that her and some other teachers are trying to help him get in band. She said that there are some instruments they have available that could be loaned out, and if what he wants isn't there they could try borrowing from the high school or they had a couple of other resources. They also said they had found a tutor to help him that would work with him and that they didn't want money to stop that from happening. If we could pay a little toward the tutoring fine, if not don't worry about it. So tomorrow I take him to meet with the band director to look at and try some instruments to see what he would like. That makes me feel so happy because when one of my family is blessed, I am blessed. He's going to be able to be in band like he wants to be.

So God is so good to me as I look at the other blessings this week, in addition to the usual ones. What blessings are in your life?

Have a great day!
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