Carnie Wilson at @2013 WLSFA MEET & GREET in Las Vegas

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I just arrived home at about 2:10 in the morning. It was a long weekend starting from Thursday until Tuesday.
I brought along my daughter as the plus one for this meet and greet. It meant that I did some things to spend time with her rather than attend the conference offerings. OnSaturday afternoon, I went to the pool at Bally's.
I walked and walked up and down the strip and danced several hours. It would seem that I should be all tan and boast muscles. Actually, because of the plane ride, I feel like my legs and feet are swollen. I did get up twice but there was a lot of turbulence and even the stewards were seated.
I totally enjoyed meeting Carnie Wilson but blanked on what to say to her. I think I ended up saying that I was a fan of her dad! Lame, I know. There was a special fundraising luncheon in which we ate a small tomato soup, a salad with three thin slices of chicken and simple sugar free dessert. Were I able to photograph that said meal, I would have! It was enough for me but friends attended that did not have weight loss surgery.
The evening event on Saturday, I was disappointed in my dress and did not want to wear it. My daughter had given me some bad news. It was emotionally trying time and we both needed to recover. Therefore, we both arrived late.
I did have a great NSV. Since I had rejected the blingiest dress I brought and failed to like my soft long dress, my daughter offered me her long black dress. It was a XS and since my bra showed, she gave me hers.
Don't you know that encouraged me so very much. emoticon
Did I say we walked? Yes, we walked until daybreak and I slept two hours straight. Luckily, I woke to get to the Sunday morning breakfast. I let my daughter sleep. I had left money for her to get something should she awaken.
My daughter and the couple that we went around with ate at Fat Burger. I cannot eat hamburgers so I asked for chili and had three teaspoons full.
We spent the whole day with this couple having fun but we were all tired by midnight. Imagine, I was still willing to go but my daughter wanted to rest.
We awoke, packed, and left our bags with the bell steward. Our last day would mean we would have a fling with twenty dollars each at a casino. We chose two machines and ended up with $.15 credit for me and a $.01 credit for her.
I sent many Facebook photos of the times we were having.
Next year, we will have two days at a hotel in Tampa and six days on a cruise that will go to the Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel.
Looking forward to this trip and the new friends that I will make from the weight loss community.
I had RNY surgery 13 08. I could not imagine life this wonderful being the one that people point out as I zip lined over their heads on Fremont Street. So many people greeted me with joy in their hearts to get to meet me in person. It was awesome.
I hope you enjoyed this update. It is mostly about my one trip to Vegas.
I had a couple of trips last year to England and to Dominica. My next trip will include my grandchildren, I hope to visit Washington DC.
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