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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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My Beloved Jack went to the doc today.
He is still VERY SORE, urinating every
20-30 minutes and with bloody urine.
Slowly but surely improving.

Me, on the other hand…..

I haven’t mentioned it or told anyone because Jack was my FIRST PRIORITY.

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For several weeks my right eye
has had increasingly more floaters.
Since losing my COBRA insurance
last year, I have been delaying going
to the optician.
Then 3 weeks ago (when the doc told Jack
he would have surgery the next week),
it started becoming increasingly blurry too.

Last Saturday the bottom right was about
10% black. Sunday it was about 20%.
Monday morning about 25%.
After our afternoon nap, 33%.
I PRAYED and WORRIED the rest of the day.
I was so SCARED !
Did I mention the right one is
the GOOD eye ?!!

I Sparked a bit and Googled the symptoms,
until my good eye was tired and burry,
and I was getting a headache.
By midnight, the vision was almost HALF GONE!
About 12:30am, Jack did his hourly wake-up
in pain.
I went into the bedroom, asking about him.
He said, “The usual. I’m hurting.”
I said, “I’m sorry. But I have some bad news.
I’ve been trying not to tell and worry you.
But now I am so SCARED, I HAVE to tell you.”
I crawled into bed with him, bawling while
he held me saying, “What is it?”

‘That was STUPID!” his response after being told.
He RARELY fusses at me- maybe 5 times
in 33 years!. So I bawled some more.
But I still did not sleep at all. Could not read,
watch tv, be on the computer. LONG NIGHT.

Our cataract surgeon, immediately saw me.
After a dilated exam, he immediately said,
”You have a detached retina.”
Scary, but at least I now knew what it was.
He immediately called a retina surgeon’s
demanding an IMMEDIATE appointment.
He concurred with, “We are doing surgery
first thing tomorrow.”

He said I would NOT be asleep (which I was
during both cataract surgeries, thankfully).

Because I delayed, there may have to be multiple surgeries
And there is a 30% change it won’t work.
But- HEY! – that means a 70% chance it WILL !

WOW! Wish I had those odds on the lottery !

Anyhow, PLEASE continue remembering
both of us in your prayers.

So I will miss interacting with you all.
I don’t know how long I will be off Spark.
HEY! Jack can log in and post for me.

So, EVERYONE, take care of yourselves
– especially your eyes.
Hindsight is always 20/20. I realize I should
NOT have waited. Now the sight is OVER HALF gone.

Going to lie down - am supposed to be on my
back as much as possible.

Just HAD to let you all know.

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