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Count Down To Failing And How To Avoid It

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Count Down To Failing And How To Avoid It

Here are 10 things to avoid and how to overcome them.

10. Overeating is a danger when you eat out. You can always do research on your favorite restaurants and plan ahead what you will eat. I keep my favorites that will work into my Nutritional Planner Favorites with all the nutritional information. I plan out my menu to include eating out. If it is an unplanned time to eat out just keep a print out of all the restaurants and foods you can have. If it is an occasion, try to ask ahead what will be served and plan around that or take you own food.

9. When eating something from a package, always read the serving size. Pay attention to the fats and carbs as well. Use the information in your daily planning. If eating on a spur of the moment. Just read the Nutritional Information before taking that first nibble or bite. If it is high in fat, just don't eat it.

8. Take you time eating. Never eat in a rush. You will be hungry later. Sit at the table, make you meal look nice, even if it is a cookie. Take time and eat slowly. Enjoy the taste, texture, and complexity of what you are eating. For dinner use some candle light or use nice plates to make the meal extra special.

7. All food is good. Don't deny yourself. The key here is to portion. Use your Nutritional Tracker to work in a healthy portion of what ever you maybe craving. Denying yourself of a craving will lead to overeating and falling off the wagon.

6. If you make a mistake and overindulge in something, don't beat yourself up for it. We learn from our mistakes. Just take a deep breath and forgive yourself. Start a new day with careful planning and stick to it.

5. Don't weigh yourself everyday. emoticon The scale is not the final judgement of your success. You may lose inches so measure yourself and write it down. Chart it once a month. How you feel as you live healthy can be another reward of success. For instance, as I continued to live healthy, one day I discovered I could lean over and tie my own shoes. That was success to me. Set reasonable goals for yourself. Take baby steps with each new path you take to living healthy.

4. Not including exercise into your plan can hold back weight loss. Some of us are limited. There are ways to include exercise. If you are like I was and can't stand for very long or not at all try this. Exercise on the bed. Just lay on the bed and move you legs up, to the side, and do heel slides. That is a small example of what you can do. Keep yourself moving. As you sit in a chair raise you heel off the floor and bounce your legs or do leg kicks. Do arm raises. There are terrific chair exercises on Sparkpeople. I use them. emoticon

3. Most of us are an emotional eater. Try to be very conscience of your urge to eat when you are upset, sad, bored, or nervous. It is also good to journal your feeling and keep track of the urges to eat. Once you recognize the urge to eat and snack is coming from your emotions, find something to do. I knit, go out into the garden, walk, call a friend etc.

2. Don't call it a diet. That is die with a t. Bury that word and forget it. Train yourself to use the terms healthy eating and healthy living. After all if you are eating healthy and doing everything to live healthy, you will be healthier then you were before.

1. Don't let that slip turn into falling off the health living wagon all together. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves we give up to easy. Sometimes like myself my health cause me go fall off the wagon. It was hard to get back on, but I realized I have to love myself enough and be determined enough to get back to healthy living as soon as possible. I was so glad when I finally made a determine decision. You can do it, too! emoticon

Remember we are all out there in Sparkpeople trying to obtain the same goals. Eat healthy, be kind to yourself, and live healthy. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good, solid advice. That's how we can all manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    1584 days ago
  • KAB7801
    I used to weigh daily, not good
    Now monthly
    Don't like that either so June I will weigh weekly. We will see
    Thanks for stopping by my blog " no way out"
    1586 days ago
    Great suggestions! I don't weigh myself very often because I tend to get annoyed that the number isn't going down as fast as I'd like. However, I am thrilled when I see that I need a belt now because my pants won't stay up on their own!

    At restaurants I always ask for a container to put at least half of my food in. It's best to have the container at the time you get your food so you can put the extra in right away rather than relying on your own will power to save half on your plate.

    Thank you for the great blog!
    1586 days ago
    Number 5 ,... I think your right on target for that one! I found no scale should dictate to you.... how well you feel! No, it cant tell you.... if you lost weight or how healthy you are! Especially believe that since I learned that each of my scales say something totally different. They never agree, either; so they cant be all that good of an indicator for weight loss let alone being healthy! They are not at all good at dictating truthfulness! I alos like number 10, and hope to incorporate it in my plans! Nice Blog! Judy! Thanks for the boost of info! HUGs, Susana emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1587 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/22/2013 5:26:45 PM
    Loved your blog Judy! These are such great suggestions that we ALL need to remember and to follow,
    1587 days ago
    1588 days ago
    A most informative blog! I believe that you will really give those who need to hear this a major boost. Don't be like Alice in Wonderlad though, who gave herself very good advice but seldom ever follows it. Apply the countdown on this blog to yourself and stay with it!
    IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team
    1588 days ago
    Thank you for your blog and sharing it with us. Great inspiration and encouragement.
    1588 days ago
    OK, girlfriend. You got it!!!!
    1588 days ago
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