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Worm in a bottle

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Title references a song by Fish. No, not the hippie jam band with Trey Anastasio leading the way, but rather the 6’6” stone bald Scotsman who once upon a generation ago sang for the band Marillion. You might recall their hit “Kayleigh”, if you’re of a certain age. Anyway, a dozen or so years after that, as a solo artist, he released the spectacular “Sunsets on Empire”, with the song “Worm in a bottle” on it. The song is pretty melancholy, really, the title character coming to that realization that things need to change, and vowing to himself to change. My interpretation, anyway.

A scintillating live version lies behind the first link, the lyrics behind the second.



The relevance? There are some. Even though the switch of the food/exercise thing was flipped in September 2011, lately there’s a bit of stickiness to it, where it’s somewhere in the middle, sometimes working, sometimes not. Most recently, there’s no there there, no spark worth mentioning. But maybe a glimmer, as per the last blog entry’s thought of a balancing point? Who knows?

Anyway, the song’s something that sticks with me every time I come to some moment of decision.

And besides, the chorus is applicable today, so there’s that…
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