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Please, can anyone help??

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

For some time now I have been having a terrible time eating at lunch. I plan a healthy lunch and eat it, but right afterwards I am still looking for food. I end up eating tons of calories by eating all sorts of things. I cannot find an emotional reason, but maybe, if I really had to come up with something, I'd say it was loneliness. I think I am filling the lonely spot with food.

Let me explain to you what I am doing. Today for lunch I had a great meal. I really enjoyed it. A piece of Gorton's grilled salmon with a salad made with romaine lettuce, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. I used Ken's lite Italian dressing with basil and romano. Normally I used Great Value Fat Free Italian dressing. No sooner was I done than I went to the kitchen for more food and ended up making myself 1 cup of white rice with tons of margarine and 1 slice of fat free cheese. After I woofed that down I had some nachos and chipotle cheddar Cheez-Its. I went out to mow the yard and when I came in I made two slices of double fiber wheat toast, again with tons of margarine and some more nachos. Then i made a single serving cup of mac 'n cheese. That is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thoroughly ashamed of how much I am admitting to eating. I know I have a problem but I am at a loss on how to cope with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have had some suggestions and even emailed Sparkcoach who had some good ideas. I am just having trouble initiating the suggestions. I might do good one day but then the next four days I am bad. I know the word "bad" is not good to use, but that's exactly how I I am being bad.

The other day I found a picture of a stop sign and I printed it out on some paper and included some questions to ask myself before I ate extra food. Nah, that didn't work to stop me. I just ignored the paper and ate anyway. I have a list of scriptures to read before I give in to eating but that doesn't work either. I don't know if I have a mental block when it comes to eating or what. I almost feel as if I have given myself permission to eat all I want especially at lunch. I don't have a problem with any other meal. I eat a good breakfast and usually a good dinner. Most days I have two healthy snacks. I also drink at least 10 glasses of water a day

Does anyone else have this problem or do you have any suggestions as to how I can stop this over-eating?? I am considering professional help. I just want to gain control over my life again!!!!!!!!
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    Hi Sweetie,
    I did not want to read any other responses so I could just give you my auto reactions!
    First, yes, I know exactly what you describe and have done it! For me, it was dinner and up to bedtime! It is awful, out of control and so destructive! Do you have any ideas why it might be at lunch!? What is going on at that time? What are you feeling at that time of day? For me it was coming home after work and feeling kind of lost, ESP when I was single! I wonder if you need to prepare for this by taking your healthy healthy multiple snacks to turn to, like a piece if fruit, popcorn, veggies and dip, yogurt, etc. Even if you ate them all, it would be healthy! Also, help maybe the book by Geneen Roth called " Women, Food & God". It covers the very thing you are going through. I am just about done reading it and will read it again, as it is alot to absorb, but very real!
    And, if I can help/ support you, I am here, just send me a message!
    Love & Hugs,
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    This is a lifestyle change for sure, BUT ,, facing reality ,, food just does not go away!!!

    your lunch sounds great, you are pre planning thats awesome but is it satifying you ?/ Are you eating what you want to eat , or eating it just because its good for you and ten million other people say that is what you should be eating?

    Breakfast is a good way to start extra protein keeps me from alot of hunger, but also having a good lunch that I want and plan in my food plan , I am working on eating without distractions and being mindful of my eating

    Of course drinking water during the meal helps, monitor your hungry if you are still truly hungry after lunch then what is it are you lacking? plan it, and be accountable and write it down , some days I need extra food , some days not so much , listen to yourself .
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  • LEB0401
    You mentioned that loneliness could be your trigger to overeat. I can relate to that. How about today you fix your healthy planned lunch, then grab your keys and go to the library, park, mall, hair salon? Anywhere that breaks up the monotony of your weekday routine.
    1467 days ago
  • HHLTD1
    I have the same problem and it is not completely conquered yet. However I recently decided not to concentrate on the negative. We're you able to resist anything if so that should go on the plus side. If you did any exercise that you hadn't been doing previously that goes on the plus side too. I know that at times I have had a failure and felt so bad about it I ate just to compensate. Then feeling bad about eating I ate more. I don't have a problem eating after lunch but boy after dinner is my failure. I am currently trying to keep my hands busy at night by knitting or some other craft project. I have tried eliminating those foods from my household that I tend to eat when I shouldn't. The one thing I won't do is give up. Give yourself time and the pat on the back you deserve for even the smallest successes.
    1467 days ago
    I read everyone else's responses and they said things I was thinking. Processed foods can definitely be a trigger for many people. Try keeping a close eye on what you eat right before a binge. Try to avoid those.

    I had read by another spark member that she looked into the blood type to eat for your blood type. That seemed to work for her maybe you could look into that.

    It never hurts to seek professional help, see your doctor and get a referral for some treatment.

    I really hope you find what will work for you!

    1467 days ago
    I can relate 100 per sent. I have fixed it though! I used to have a great breakfest, snack luch then betwwen my lunch and dinner would eat anything not tied down. I snack between meals it is planed snack with in my calories. But I would eat over and above that. I set down and looked at food looking at things that would fill me. I loked at lentals, and beans. Heart fresh vegetables, squash, kale, swiss chard. These are hard things to eat for lunch. So i made up a soup. With these things plus more. I call it my 15 bean soup. I make big batches and freeze it. I eat a 2 cup portion every lunch. it fills me so much I do not think of eating out my afternoon snack. Please email me if you want to talk more. I been there in the afternoon it is so hard!!
    1467 days ago
    I think that everything is off of personal experiences....I know for me, I needed to just cut out some foods (cupcakes, Mountain Dew, etc, as these were comfort/trigger foods that would Always lead to more), but I also know that I need certain foods in moderation. If I don't eat a few pretzels when I have a craving and can control the amount, I will end up eating the whole bag, the same goes with a lot of food.

    I've also learned that everything takes time. I wanted to just stop eating chips, but I learned that they were apart of me for so long, I can't just quit them..

    Remember this is a lifestyle change...

    Have you tried eating more protein at meals? That would make you fuller and maybe help you to determine why you are eating more?

    When all else fails, don't even bring the food into the house....
    1467 days ago
    emoticon Juicing helps me to fight cravings, but not totally.
    1467 days ago
    one question: are you eating because you are still hungry? because if not, i think you are self sabotaging. i think you fear the fact that you just ate healthily and fear leaving it there. my two cents.
    1467 days ago
    I feel sorry, because I think your sincere. Sometimes we get these attacks when we really decide to make a change.

    First thing is asking the Holy Spirit to help you. There is nothing wrong in asking others to agree with you or get extra advice....

    I also try and distractions. You mentioned doing the lawn but then eating.

    Sometimes I go for a walk, listen to teaching or music on my i-pod, talking on the phone, cleaning something. You want to get your mind on something else.Hobbies are a great detour. Better than TV.

    Sometimes I look for something to do for someone else. I have some older friends I do cards for . I have several friends in the neighborhood that things like their yard, or meal, or doing a project with their kids.

    I know this isn't easy, it's not so simple... this is one of the reasons, I'm looking into doing a study on the book, Making Good Habits, Breaking Old Habits by Joyce Meyer. You can read along... or let me know, and I'll inform you where we end up doing it.

    There is a old saying, what you feed grows, and what you don't feed starves. The more times you are able to not give in, it will gradually get weaker and weaker, that tendency and craving. They say it takes 21-30 days to form a new habit.

    This is one of the specific reasons the above mentioned book got my attention, is 70 percent of it is working on positive actions, not trying to overcome bad ones.By putting the majority of our thoughts on the crummy, it gets to be our main focus. They aren't saying ignore wrong things, but developing some good patterns will hopefully emoticon crowd out some of the junk and also make it easier. I just started, so still finding out.

    1467 days ago
    I would say several things:

    1. Do you do weekly meal planning? Do you shop according to your menu? I really had to be faithful to that habit (still do) so that the food hat I know is a temptation does NOT make it's way into my cupboard. If it's not there, it can't tempt me.

    2. How many meals/snacks are you eating per day? How does it bread down calorie wise? Could it be possibl that you need to have more calories from the RIGHT kinds of foods?

    3. Have you considered going at least low carb, at least for the time being, so you get the carbs under control? From what I've read from your post, it sounds like once you get the carbs it triggers the cravin for MORE carbs and leads to the spiral.

    I don't think it's too farfetched to do as JESSICA suggests and call in the big guns to get a handle on this.

    For sure I would add my applause for your courage in making the step to recognize this problem and do something about it! Your adding years of healthy living ahead taking care of YOU!

    HUGS and blessings to you.
    1467 days ago
    I was first going to recommend the Full Plate Diet with its emphasis on increasing fiber. But your accounting appears to have lots of fiber, even before you started eating more.

    I did notice the processed salad dressing. Processed foods that work hard to include salt, sweetener, and oil, just hit our tastebuds and scream MORE. And it sometimes doesn't matter what MORE is. Tomorrow, try making your own dressing from whole ingredients. I love what I do with fresh avocado, lime juice, balsamic vinegar, sundried tomato (completely dried, no oil), black pepper, and a roma tomato. Very delicious and satisfying on any salad. That recipe made 1 cup and I used 1/4 c. on my salad. So 4 generous servings and everything is nutritious.

    the other thought I had besides the processed foods was replacing white with whole grain. Brown rice instead of white. Whole grain pasta instead of white macaroni in the cheese.

    Your body might be looking for nutrients which you aren't giving it, so if you are tracking everything, check how your nutrition is doing for things like calcium, potassium, etc. The micronutrients of fruits and veggies are very important to our health.

    One strategy is to have a healthy substitute ready when you are ready to devour the table leg. Fresh fruit is a good, satisfying substitute to have ready.

    Mindful eating is another. Put a "rule" in place that you must sit down and eat at the table, each time you go grazing. Nothing in front of the refrigerator or TV. Nothing directly out of the package, actually measure out a serving, record what you are going to eat, sit at the table, and eat mindfully. Look, smell, chew, chew, chew, and while you're chewing, have nothing in your hands. No food like a chip or half a sandwich, or spoon or fork heading back in for the next bite. Really experience what is in your mouth. Consider the saltiness, bitterness, sweetness, etc. or texture.

    When I do this, I usually find that I really don't like the thing that is pulling me off my plan, and I throw it out because I don't want to waste the calories. Then I decide if I'm truly hungry. If yes, I figure out what it is that I really want, and switch over to that. Sometimes, I go to my tracker and try to figure out what is missing. I even count fruits and veggies now.

    If I'm NOT hungry, I usually go for a walk and consider what is really going on and what I could do about it instead of eat.

    I used to think I had a "right" to eat whatever I wanted to eat. I certainly had the means to do that. But now I like to think I have the "right" to be healthy, and I continue to look at the ways and means to make that happen and still be happy.

    Good luck!!
    1467 days ago
    I started drinking green smoothies about 3 weeks ago. It has cut out all of my snacking between meals. I mostly use 1-2 handfuls of spinach, a banana, and 4 or 5 large frozen strawberries. Sometimes I add water, or if I am using it as a meal, I will add Greek Yogurt. You don't even tatse the spinach at all! :) Eventually, I plan on throwing in other veggies. Right now it's most spinach and fruit. Pineapple is good too! If I get hungry between any meal, I make a smoothie (w/o the yogurt). Not tired in the afteroon anymore either! Try it!
    1467 days ago
    First, I'd like to give you a shout out for realizing you and food have a toxic relationship. I hear what you're saying and it's rough eating that much food and then feeling so bad about how you treated yourself. Would you treat your best friend like you are treating yourself? NO

    Second, you have realized that you have blown through all the usual stop signs and are still struggling.

    Now is the time to call in the professionals. A good psychologist who specializes in eating disorders can really help you. A lot of times you can find one through your county's services and take advantage of free help, clinics, support groups. Just don't give up.

    Keep knocking on doors until you get what you need. And a reminder, you do realize that this is going to require a lot of tough work on your part.

    But you've made a good start.....keep the ball rolling.

    1467 days ago
    If possible, get rid of unhealthy things in your kitchen. It might help, if instead of finding rice, mac n cheese, etc., you only find fruits. Good Luck.
    1467 days ago
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