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offically 10 weeks out

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well today I am officially 10 weeks out from surgery. As of today I have lost a total of 41lbs since surgery and a grand total of 60lbs including surgery prep.

I just recently went through my closet and purged all of my clothes that are too big. Needless to say I have hardly anything left and getting dressed has become a chore! Yet, oddly enough I don't mind because I figure this is a good problem to have! emoticon
I started out wearing a 26-28 and i just bought a couple items that are 18-20 and a little snug but wearable...but I think right now a 20-22 is probably MOST comfortable. It just depends on the brand/cut/material. Progress HAS been made!

I still to this day have not thrown up even once since surgery. I do NOT eat sugar because I don't want to get sick. I have had very small pieces of 85%cacao chocolate once in a great while which is extremely low in sugar, and also a couple small bites of my son's 18th birthday cake but that is as far as I am willing to push it and I don't even miss sugar so it is not an issue for me. Also I have talked about this before but I no longer eat dairy of any kind. Lactose is an issue now. But again, I don't miss it.

I had a couple of rough weeks in the beginning before I figured out lactose causes intestinal problems and also processed foods cause me to feel like I'm going to explode so I really have discovered the world of whole foods to be amazingly satisfying and I feel better than I ever have in my life. I have learned how to incorporate so many new whole foods into my meals. My newest obsession is the sweet summer kale salad. Who knew kale could be so incredibly delicious?

I feel really blessed to not have had any real issues at this point and also I am learning to consider the lactose/processed food intolerance to be a huge blessing in disguise. I have to be honest and say that at first I wasn't real confident that I would REALLY be able to change my diet as much as would be required for permanent weight maintainence. But now I have fallen so totally in love with eating simple whole foods that I am seeing now that this will be a permanent change. It feels as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. (pun intended) It really is a relief. I am so much more confident in my choices. I am so much more at ease with my future health. NOT because of the surgery, but because of the discoveries that I have made about my body since. You know how when you are doing something good for your body it "just feels right"? I feel that way ALL the time now and it is exciting.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Well, my next plan is to figure out how to incorporate more exercise into my days. Now that I feel like I am making progress nutritionally, it is time to take care of the whole package. Time to get out the bike again!

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