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David: A Cave Dwelling Spelunker

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No power in the sky above or in the earth below--indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:39

The way that God choose to lead David was hardly traditional. A young boy called to be a king, how would you prepare him? For a week or so now I have been in the book of Samuel exploring it. I’m sort of “spelunking” if you will. I’ve noticed that David had to go from cave to cave to cave to dodge the exhaustive barrage of assaults from King Saul. Apparently Saul lost a lot of sleep over the fact the kingdom was being torn out of his hands. I mean I can hardly blame him, he had it all! Too bad his way was more important than God’s and instead of repenting and turning back to God, he decided to spend his life chasing, what did David call himself, “a dead dog”? Hmm…one man thought the world of his self and furiously arranged men, often times, I believe against their own will, to conquer a merry man and his band of misfits who considered himself an utter nobody.

I love this story. I love the thematic climaxes like when dummy head Nabal nearly got his whole family killed, but his wife Abigail had enough sense to send the modest requests made by David’s young men. I love how Saul took David’s first wife and married her off to someone else, while she remain mesmerized by David. I love how Bathsheba, although guilty of only being beautiful, suffered at the hands of this king, but her son created out of passionate lust and adultery became the rightful heir to the throne of God’s chosen people. Just love, love, love it! The story is so rich and so full of twists and turns.

Oh, my goodness, and David when he first sets off to get away from Saul and is in front of the pagan King Achish pretends to go crazy! I can see him spitting and growling and acting wild then peeking through his locks looking to see if anybody is buying it?! Praying to God they are buying it, lol, because he was so scared to die! Oh, man, lol, I love this guy! He wasn’t perfect by a stretch and that wasn’t the only time he lied, but God loved him, he seen his heart, and he knew that he would make a great king! I love that God sees us from the end to the beginning. I love that the kingdom of God comes in from the end to the beginning. It’s just utterly fascinating to me.

Then I get angry. Oh, I got so angry when I seen what Saul did to the priest Ahimelech, THAT DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDREL! Because this guy helped David when he was in dire need, and I believe when he said he didn’t know anything about the fight between David and Saul, Saul did not care! Saul asked his men to kill the priests, but they wouldn’t so one of his very best and closest friends did it alone. He singlehandedly killed 85 priests and their wives and kids, only one got away! ONE! That really pissed me off! I’m thinking what in the world is this guy’s problem!? You are almost jumping on your bed, screaming for joy when Saul finally gets his just reward. You are really just so fed up! Even that is so sad though because as loving and wonderful as Jonathon was, he too was killed. Although I am quite certain Jonathon is in heaven, Saul I think not.

Then I think about Ziklag, a town that the increasing group of renegades got to settle down in, for a moment. They probably thought huh, here’s our chance for some peace and quiet as Saul finally decided to stop hunting them as they were surrounded by Israel’s powerful enemy. Everyone seemed quite pleased and satisfied. I think David himself even found contentment and satisfaction after all of those years. He might’ve even been so happy that he would have remained as long as God suggested, he had everything he needed until one dreadful night.

He went out to fight with his men and returned to find his home ransacked his wives and children gone, everything they had worked so hard to accomplish was destroyed. At that very moment David had a choice to make. He had fought a long battle with Saul, he had at least two opportunities where he could have personally ended Saul’s life, but he didn’t. Now after all that he had done to honor God, he was repaid with his men wanting to kill his very life! I personally believe what he did next honored God so much, God released the kingdom to him. David simply entrusted himself to God. He encouraged himself in God. He had, oh listen, please, this is so important, NO ONE, but GOD. And GOD was ENOUGH. When God seen that David had truly learned that apart from him he was nothing and that no matter how much he was given or how much was taken away that God remained the same and loved him, God knew he was ready.

Shortly after, David was given the kingdom and well I guess the rest is history, lol. I like the parts in the Bible where people are excelling and succeeding, it reminds me much of any person in life that seeks the Lord and gets his results I suppose. But do you want to know what I draw the most pleasure from? It has got to be the “process”. The processes that God use are so unique, so tailor fit, so divine and loving. We may not always see it, we may not always understand, but he is with us, he loves us, and he longs to give us the kingdom. Truly, truly! He wants all of us to have it. So yeah, how does one make a shepherd boy a king? By carefully crafting every detail of his life to perfectly fall into place as God designs and ordains. What was David’s part? It was utterly simple, I can sum it up in two words. Trust and Obey.

Love you guys, have a great Tuesday! I think I’m heading swimming :D :D :D

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    I too loves David's story!

    Have fun swimming and thanks for the great words of encouragement.

    Have a nice week-end! emoticon
    1665 days ago
  • JOYB19
    I love David - he's such a sensitive guy, and a capable leader! He has ups and downs, and REALLY downs. I can identify with the guy. As for Saul - he's a nutty nut!

    Swimming!?!? now I'm a little jellie....

    Hope you had a super time!
    1668 days ago
    1668 days ago
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