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Ants...I HATE Ants!

Monday, May 20, 2013

And I had to deal with them this weekend. Again...after dealing with them one day last week. When the weather starts getting hot here, the little buggers try to move inside. And that just isn't going to happen. emoticon Last week the were on the table, the counter separating the dining room from the living room, in hubby's lunch box, his Starbucks cup, etc. It took me an hour to deal with them. And this was before I left for work. So I prayed the sh*t out of them, the table, the floor, the lunch box, everything around the table. They died. There were a few stragglers, but they didn't last long. So Sunday I'm making some lunch and went to get the veggie oil from the pantry. I feel something crawling on my hand..it's a dayum ant! I killed it and then checked the pantry. Lo and behold..there they were. On all 4 shelves. but mostly on the top two. Where the brown sugar and white sugar was. The brown sugar was sealed (zip lock type seal) and the white sugar wasn't even open yet. After lunch (because you know hubby wasn't going to wait for lunch so I could clean up the ants), I ripped everything out of the pantry. Anything that was open I tossed. Even the two sugars. I picked up the unopened white sugar and ants came tumbling out of the top. I didn't look to see if they had gotten into it or not. Out it went. I then sprayed the sh*t out of the pantry. emoticon I took out the shelves and cleaned them all (outside) and I've left them bare as of today. There were 4 ants in there this morning, but they were well to kicking the ant bucket. I'll check again tonight when I get home. But in spraying and looking at the pantry, it's not very well made. The guy who built the shelves in used crown molding to hold up the shelves, he didn't use ant baseboard, or facing on the the inside, just left it all open. So I think we're going to be re=doing it. New shelves and closing all the open spaces up. emoticon I battle the ants every year and I always win...I will this year too! Dayum ants...I HATE them! emoticon

On others notes...the jacuzzi is fixed! It's setting at a nice 80 degrees right now. I'm hoping we can try it out tonight. The pump has been broke for two yrs. Hubby finally has the time to fix it, since we're not racing right now. emoticon Clothing is optional!

We bought the toilet and water pump for the race trailer this weekend. We set the toilet in place in the bathroom and when we set down, our knees clear the bathroom door by about 4 inches. emoticon But hey..at least, once it's installed (which will be after the tanks arrive in a few weeks), no more getting out of a warm bed in the middle of the night to shuffle off the bathrooms when we stay at the track.

While we were out and about Sat doing all this, we stopped at Arby's for lunch. I have always thought that was a safe option (over like say a burger) but holy moly Saltman! That thing had TONS of sodium! Something like 1200! No wonder my wight was up a pound the next day and today! I'm not sure there's enough water in Lase mead to flush all that sodium out! emoticon Lesson learned!

OH BTW..that guy my mom was talking to from Christen Mingle? Turns out he was a fraud, just like my sister and I thought. Mom had started talking to him on her cell phone and was getting a bad vibe from him, so she called Christen Mingle and checked him out with them. They knew he was a fraud and had kicked him off the site. But not before he got my mom's contact info. Then he contacted her outside of the dating site. We think he stole the real guy in Vancouver's identity. I'm just glad we got it all cleared up without my mom getting hurt! emoticon

I had a very strange dream Sat night, I dreamed that we were at the track and hubby crashed the race car, I was running down the track to get to him. He was OK, talking an stuff when I got to him, but laying on the track under a trap someone had erected to keep the sun off him. Very strange dream and kind of frightening too.

OK..that will cover it for today...oh wait...if any of you like to read e books, you should look into BookBub. It's a site that shows you great deals (as in some free ones and very low cost) on e books. Here's a link: www.bookbub.com/home/

NOW I'm done!! Have a great rest of Monday!

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    See if you can find a product called Spinosad. It's a natural byproduct that a particular bacteria puts out. It kills ants, lice, and some roaches, but it won't hurt animals, fish, or people. Around here they use it on fire ants-- they originally developed it for organic gardeners but it worked a lot better than chemical pesticides so now everybody uses it. And it lasts for six months or longer, so basically the ants don't come back.
    1585 days ago
    I hate ants Good Luck!!!
    1585 days ago
    You guys have been busy busy! I hate ants, too, and we have a million ant hills in the cracks on the drive. Can you put ant powder in your cupboard? Or do the pets get up there? So glad to hear your mom was spared a lot of heartbreak and who knows WHAT else. Was that guy living close to her? Hugs, Calen~
    1585 days ago
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