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Time to Fix What is Broken

Monday, May 20, 2013

Clearly my workout plan is broken. I have had something like 3 new workout schedules in the last 2 months. I have not stuck with anything and I really need to get back to it. I'm honestly not sure the best way to go about any of this. Here are the options that I see right now:

1) Continue to try to get in 5 morning workouts.

2) Do 3 morning workouts, but do my ST AND cardio circuits on those days. It will wear me out, but I will have the next day to recover.

3) Try to do my workouts at home rather than the gym. I'd still be able to get a nap in after my workout and shower since I'd be saving the drive time, but I might be even more likely to climb back in bed rather than getting my workout clothes on!

4) Do 2 morning workouts, both ST and cardio circuits, and do yoga and other less intense workouts at home 3 days a week.

5) Just forget it all and get my sleep!

Okay, #5 isn't really an option. No go there. Obviously #1 hasn't been working... #2 is probably a pretty good idea, but that means M-W-F workouts and I know Mondays are so difficult to get going! #3... probably not a great option because it's easier to just call it quits early. #4... possibility, but I'd be willing to bed I'd end up skipping the at home workouts.

There is also a chance that the thyriod mediciation that I was just put on could actually help me wake up in the mornings. Of course, it could be 6 weeks before I know whether or not that works.

I am pretty surprised at the doc saying I have low thryoid - but I guess most of that shock is because I didn't even know they were testing it. When I think about the appointment I know I told the doc that I am skiping my cycle week in my birth control and just jumping right into the next month in an attempt to not feel so worn out during that week. I also mentioned some digestive problems, so maybe he put the 2 together and thought it'd be worth testing my thyroid. Either way, he didn't give me any warning! They said it should make me feel "better" but I didn't know I was feeling "bad" in the first place! But, maybe it will make things easier in the morning. Who knows.

Anyway, at this point I still don't really know what option I should plan on. I slept in today to recover from the race yesterday - had a great time with Imelda and Kim!! So, maybe this is the perfect week to try out 2 workouts at the gym with ST and cardio circuits and see how my body holds up then decide from there.

What do you guys think?? Any tips/advice?

Thanks and have a great week!
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  • IRP1114
    It was super fun! So glad we got to do it together : )! Just posted a blog with our pictures in it.

    Hm. It is hard to make up our minds about stuff to stick to isn't it? I generally just do what ever feels right each day. Sometimes I need the extra rest if muscles are too sore or I didn't get enough sleep. Maybe if you plan on the 2-3 times a week telling yourself you only have to do a certain amount of time like 5-10 of something? Usually once you start you just get going and end up doing a lot more : )

    Good luck with it. I hope you can at least get those 2 workouts in this week! So did you start the week off with your green smoothies again?
    1610 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1611 days ago
    I am another vote for #2 and #4! If you can figure out a way to just roll out of bed and into your car, you will start to wake up about the time you reach the gym. Or at least that is the way it works with me. I have to fight myself inside my head nearly every day. I have to make myself get out the door for a run, or get in the car to head to the gym. I so wish it wasn't that way for me, but it is.
    1611 days ago
    I like the sounds of #2 and #4,but more than anything I think you need to give your medication a chance to kick in and see how your body responds. You may feel completely differently once your thyroid is functioning as it should. Try to take just one day at a time. emoticon
    1611 days ago
    I also think #2 sounds the most reasonable. Glad your thyroid was tested and I agree it was awkward that the Dr. didn't tell you he was testing it. I have had thyroid issues in the past, I hope your meds work for you. emoticon
    1611 days ago
    Sure was a fun run yesterday Lynsey!

    #1 sounds like a lot to commit to and could be overwhelming. I know if I commit to too much I'll end up just not doing it at all or I'll burn myself out (all or nothing girl). Maybe a combo. I like #2 and 3. I've been doing more bodyweight workouts because I just have a really hard time squeezing in the gym on weeknights for the most part. I get there when I can, but when I can't I do bodyweight at home (or work in the stairwell). I try to get three runs in per week, but a lot of the time it ends up being just two on the weekend, but it seems to keep the stamina up OK. You might just mess around with each version a little and see which clicks the most. Also, from what I've heard, thyroid issues can really take a toll on your energy levels, so you might have a pleasant surprise when the medicine kicks in. You might have been overly run down because of it without realizing it. In 6 weeks you might be jumping around like the energizer bunny emoticon

    1611 days ago
    I think #2 and #4 sound good! I like to mix it up between the gym and at home workouts. For your at home workouts, do you do them in the morning, as well? If you can do them in the evenings, you would be able to sleep in 2 or 3 extra days but still get in your exercise.

    I hope everything works out with your thyroid. That is so odd the doctor didn't even tell you he was testing it!
    1611 days ago

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