The Spark Solution - Week 1

Monday, May 20, 2013

So, as you know from my last entry, I decided to buy the new Spark Solution book and give the program a try. I'd lost a lot of weight last year (about 45 pounds), and then unexpectedly had surgery in January and was fairly well immobilized for several weeks after that. Well, you can guess what happened. Lots of food, no movement, bad habits ... gained most (thank God, not ALL) of the weight back. However, I did not also gain the motivation to tackle weight loss again...till now, being back in the plus-size department at Macys, and all.

Here are a few observations after a week doing this. Overall the food is great. I've tried several excellent recipes that my husband and I agree should be part of our standard repertoire. Sticking to the plan has made me feel better about myself...was feeling pretty down in the dumps at regaining the weight. Now -- it's an adjustment to be eating smaller portions (see previous entry -- I promise, I've stopped complaining). I also got in a couple of days of exercise plus yard work over the weekend, so the muscles are providing "feedback" about not having been used for a good while.

When I got on the scale this morning, it was great to see that I'd lost 2.5 pounds. Even better, we had a health screening at work today. My: blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose were all perfect. Just have to get the weight/BMI back in order. I really believe that the test results were what they were because of the eating plan for the past 7 days.

As an example, last night we had pork tenderloin with a garlic/dijon/thyme rub, mashed potatoes/parsnips, green beans. It was delicious and easy to prepare. The food side of this is not difficult - the challenge is time to prepare 3 squares a day and making sure I pack lunch for work. To get ahead of the curve, last night I cooked another dish (a one-dish chicken and veggies) that will serve as two dinners, plus there's more pork tenderloin -- so three dinners covered this week. The big deal for me will be consistently getting exercise, so that will be my focus this week...continuing to stick as closely as possible to the food plan and exercising more consistently as well.

I am finding "The Spark Solution" to be encouraging and positive. It could be a way to refresh your path, too. It's based on a two-week program to help engrain the habits that will make us healthier now and keep us healthy for a lifetime, and that's what I really like about it. Here's a link to the book's site:

Have a great week!

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