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Monday, May 20, 2013

Still learning something new everyday on my new tablet and everyday I wonder why it took so long for me to realize how badly I needed one. Now I have EVERYTHING in one place and with 32 gigs of memory, I am getting a ton of full length concerts on it. And did you know the full length Zombieland movie is on Youtube? I can do screenshots of anything, so I have sattelite views of just about everything. Even the programs I was already using are easier and better, including Song Pop. I can do panoramic pictures and I'm not even writing full words with word complete. I don't have iPhone, so all this is totally new.

Hopefully, above is a shot of our cabin in relation to Lake Livingston. We went this weekend and Ron put the old kitchen cabinets in his shed, added tint to the door windows, put solar spotlights up and alot of my flowers are blooming. We also have proof that the AC works cuz it was ninety degrees outside, but inside, I had a tshirt with a sweatshirt over it AND two blankets. He won't allow me to turn it off, ya know.

Above taken with the front camera. Showing off my one grey tooth. I got my visit with Mom done when we got back since he had to take the extra insulation to his brother's house and tonight he tells me that not only do we get to go to Family Day at the zoo on June 1, we also get to go to Cajun Day at Cameron Park and Classie Ballou will be playing!!! AND he is FRIENDS with step-mom-in-law's son! Who will be with us! I missed Jack's Throwbacks concert so it is time for a new concert. Aside from all that, I work tomorrow and then I get off again for Tuesday.

This one might not how right cuz it is a panoramic of the cabin. ALSO, greenery is growing all over the back lot where the neighbor cut everything down...including covering his trash pile of cut limbs so it looks tons better. The neighbors across the street have put up siding that is pretty pale yellow instead of glaring blue and even the neighborhood association is making people clean up or tear down so most of the trashy areas are also looking up. They are eeven fixing SOME of the roads. Since I now have everything in one place, this entire blog was done on my Asus.


All pictures taken on my Asus. Everything done on my Asus. Felt more like my birthday than hubby's. Only problem is when it uploads the blog, it goes to a blank page instead of showing that it worked so I had to delete FIFTEEN copies of this drivel.
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