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A fine day to bake some bacon

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bacon??!? I can hear the teeming millions gasp. Bacon is verboten on this website. Its evil incarnate! Delicious, fatty, smokey bacon....

Bacon is definitely a "sometimes food" I only buy it 1-2x per year. And today was a perfect day to handle the prep. Its cool and dampish, great excuse for firing the oven.

1) on a rimmed baking sheet, put a cookie cooling rack.
2) lay out the bacon. Top with a second cooling rack.
3) In a cold oven, bake the bacon. 350 for ~30 min for slightly chewy bacon, or for "storing" partially cooked in the freezer. Go to 400 for super crisp bacon ready to eat (a great trick for brunch parties when you are feeding a crowd)

The fat drips off the bacon. Once you drain it on paper towels, you have the "healthiest" bacon possible. Its still a sometimes food, but you can feel better about eating it those times.

Bonus: no messy bacon splatters on stovetop or microwave!

For my southern friends: you can save the bacon grease in the normal way. (My MIL puts a bit on top of her chicken before roasting it. AMAZING.)

Store cooled bacon in the freezer and reheat for 1-2 min in the pan. Or I'll put a few pieces on top of the toast and let it reheat in the toaster oven.

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  • RAINA413
    You have got me SO hungry now!!!
    1698 days ago
    I used to like burned bacon, a long time ago. Is that gross??? emoticon
    1704 days ago
    Thanks so much! What a great way to make it so it's not so bad for you. I'm not a big fan of bacon, but my husband can't live without it.
    1705 days ago
    Though I'm a veg head, my husband taught me the bacon in the oven trick a bit ago for when we have company over. It's so much easier than the pan frying my Mom used to do!
    1705 days ago
    great idea on how to cook bacon, thanks.
    1706 days ago
    I love a slice of crispy bacon with two eggs for breakfast once in a while,
    when I get bored of my usual oatmeal and oranges. Delicious!
    1706 days ago
    Ah, bacon.
    I can have one slice and be satisfied.
    It covers all the senses.
    Hear it sizzle, smell the aroma, see it all brown and crisp, the taste stays on your tongue and your fingers feel the grease 'cause you stole it from the plate!

    A treat to be sparingly eaten.
    1706 days ago
    I'll have to try baking it. Never have, and do hate the mess it makes on the stovetop. We don't eat it much, but sounds like a great way to cook lots, and store in freezer. Thanks for the information. emoticon
    1706 days ago
    I LOVE bacon, but I only it once or twice a year. Of I don't buy it I don't eat it. lol
    1706 days ago
    Bacon is sometime food in my house and we had it yesterday and today for breakfast in the form of an egg, kale and bacon fritatta.
    1706 days ago
    Bacon may be "verboten" on THIS site...but it's definitely a must-have in LOTS of other places! Like my kitchen, for example. We buy the big value packs at Sam's and bake it all up (in the oven) at once, then put it in zipper bags in the 'fridge. Pig candy! mmmmm We eat it as snacks all the time. I've found the best way to "refresh" refrigerated cooked bacon is just to put a couple slices on "toast" in the toaster oven. YUM nice-n-crispy!

    Don't fear the fats. We've been deceived. Fats (good ones, like bacon) are good for you. And it borders on blasphemy to discard bacon renderings! save that stuff. I use it for all sorts of cooking. I start my sautees in it, caramelize onions in it, drizzle it into garlic cloves to roast, sear roasts in it, add it as a final flavoring to grilled steaks (or chicken, or seafood...) wrap meatloaf in bacon strips, make my own chicken or meat roulades wrapped or filled with it; I can't imagine being without bacon strips OR bacon renderings. Talk about deprivation! haha

    Indulge! emoticon

    1706 days ago
    What can you say about bacon? It's so stinkin' good. I can't remember the last time I had it in the house. Years. If it is offered on an appetizer, I'll take a piece and leave it at one. Fortunately bacon is one of those really good foods that I'm satisfied with just one piece.
    1706 days ago
    I bake mine too! And bacon is never verboten in my house!
    1706 days ago
    The great thing about bacon is that a little bit goes a long way. Yeah, you need to eat 3-4 slices to really feel satisfied at a meal, and that's not a great way to use calories, but those same 3-4 slices can flavor a whole pot of soup, or top a casserole that serves 6--suddenly you have all of the bacony goodness at much less cost to your waistline.
    1707 days ago
    Your right bacon is a very bad choice. I love it, but it like other fatty foods doesn't love me. My thought, I wouldn't stop at once or twice a year. The way you make it, is the best way to keep it as healthy it can possibly be. I used to have the unhealthy breakfast on Sunday, for brunch it would be the works. They do have Turkey bacon, but it gags me, and it still has all the man made ingredients in it as well, so it seems to me to be as unhealthy as regular bacon. Actually the real threat in bacon is the sodium 188mg per slice. I do know that it is acceptable for the Atkins diet.
    1707 days ago
    We do bacon occasionally especially when the jalapenos are harvested. I love making "hot poppers"...I say all things in moderation..
    1707 days ago
    that's a very cool way to make your bacon! Enjoy.
    1707 days ago
  • SNS1968
    1707 days ago
    I always cook my bacon on the stove top...never thought of baking it. I had bacon for breakfast this morning. But, like you, I eat it very rarely.

    1707 days ago
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