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I NEVER bake EVER, yet I record every broadcast of “Cupcake Wars”

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I thought about my TV habit after reading Owl_20’s weight loss strategy – “no cooking shows”

I have always regarded cooking the way some people consider exercise. It’s just something that has to be done.

Then I started watching the food channel when I retired 6 years ago. My mother was living with us. I thought looking at food would perk up her appetite. It did! That meant I had to do more cooking. Fortunately, retirement meant the end of any “lack of time” excuses.

Restaurant Impossible and Restaurant Stakeout are also favorites of mine except they have a side effect the producers never intended. I keep thinking about all those places that never get “fixed” especially those with hidden health/sanitation problems. Eww, now there’s added incentive to cook at home.

I’m glad that my cooking skills have improved. I even enjoy it more now that DH helps me chop the veggies. However, baking is something else altogether.

I have a sweet tooth. Growing up there were all those ethnic bakeries. Now in the rural south I’m surrounded by women who bake very well. At picnics and potlucks I can limit myself to one or two of their luscious treats. If I were to make the same goodies at home, I would eat them until they were gone. After all, I did the work, I’m entitled. Does anyone remember the children’s book “The Little Red Hen?” That’s me. I made it and I’m eating it.

The only solution is no baking for me!

In addition to changing my TV viewing habits, my mother’s lack of appetite was also responsible for the location of my scale – right at the entrance to my kitchen. She had to weigh herself every day to be sure she was keeping her weight up as well as record her food during the day. She insisted that I join her in this. That made me face reality too only in the opposite direction. She was eating way too little and I was eating way too much.

Mom is gone now, but the scale is still there and there it will stay. My interest in baking may be virtual, but my interest in maintenance is real.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think that Restaurant Stakeout is scripted and Restaurant Impossible is slightly scripted. I don't watch Cupcake Wars, but I've seen it advertised. I like more of the shows on Cooking Channel and also watch Chopped and Iron Chef America. My favorite TV chefs are Bobby Flay, Giada DeLaurentis, Ina Garten, Michael Simon and Tyler Florence. I also plan on watching a little bit of Food Network Star when it comes on in June. emoticon emoticon
    1761 days ago
    Some triggers we just have to avoid having plentifully in our homes! I enjoyed reading your blog today. emoticon
    1762 days ago
  • GRAMMY_22
    I am a Food Network junkie! I watch the shows but I am not tempted to ever make what they're making or overindulge after watching them either. As a former cake decorator I really like Cupcake Wars too.
    1762 days ago
  • OWL_20
    LOL, you know Cupcake Wars is on tonight, right? emoticon
    1762 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/19/2013 12:37:33 PM
    I love cooking and cooking shows! About 90% of the TV I watch is Food Network and/or Cooking Channel. I watch it as much for the people as for the food.
    1762 days ago
    Funny, I used to love to cook. First for my siblings and parents, that was cooking for a dozen people. When Steve and I got married, my skills were problematic as I was cooking way too much for two. Then we had our 5 children and I still enjoyed it, but they started leaving the nest and a few of them wanted their turn in the kitchen. Then Steve died and I quit cooking anything more than frying a chicken breast, a hamburger patty or a pork chop, unless the kids were coming for dinner.
    I do two huge meals a year: Lasagna at Christmas time and Corned Beef & Cabbage with home made Irish Bread for St. Patty's day. I like to bake and bake with my grandchildren-non of us need it, but it is a generational shared activity.
    I used to decorate cakes too, but gave that up when we moved to Florida and I was so hot I melted the icing in the tubes-even dipping my hands in ice water.
    Life evolves, change happens
    I cook because I have to for Erik and me now.
    He used to be one of my chef wanna bes and managed a restaurant for about two years.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1762 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/19/2013 11:42:26 AM
    I LOVE to cook. I cook for everyone. It is a problem, although I am learning not to be so flamboyant in my experimentation - because experimenting leads to tasting, which leads to tinkering, which leads to pride in invention, which leads to more tinkering... which leads to a couple of pounds.

    You know, they say you can lose TONS of weight eating Raw Foods only? Oh... not me! Because I had to invent new stuff, and lots off it. And Japanese people are all thin, right? Well, I took Japanese classes, was married to a Japanese man, worked in the sushi bars... and tinkered and tinkered. I was slim then, but there is no way I'd be slim now, in my 40s, when I can't possibly eat all day long like I used to.

    I have come to the conclusions:
    a: I can never work in a restaurant again
    b: I can't watch cooking shows because they will reawaken urges
    c: I am going to tinker and taste some because it is in my personality
    d: I am going to have to run a lot to work off the effects of c.
    e. I never thought of putting a scale in the kitchen, but if I find myself in invention mode again, I might have to borrow your idea.
    1762 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/19/2013 11:40:49 AM
    I loved to bake and especially loved to bake for other people. Then I met my now daughter-in-law who is a real artist when it comes to cake decorating, and I stopped. Getting a fondant to sit perfectly on a cake that looks like the Eiffel tower is a bit over the top for me! But I understand the cooking shows - it's the competition - right?

    1762 days ago
    I've always loved cooking, but I love eating even more (hence the need to join SP in the first place). I'm not really fond of cooking shows, though, especially the stressful chef challenge ones. Cooking is a form of meditation for me, and I find veggie prep relaxing, so I never use a machine to chop my veggies. Glad you enjoy the shows, and I'm happy for you that you've mastered new cooking skills.
    1762 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    I adore cooking and especially adore baking now that I am quite confident in doing it gluten free. I indulge in baking weekly treats for my husband to bring to work, my Mom to take to the Rabbi's Tish (Torah Study) on Saturday morning, and one for our household use - of which half is taken to my husband's parents. That leaves us with a couple days worth of treats - which have are entered into the Recipe Calculator and portioned out.

    I would much rather bake something so I know exactly what is in it - then buy it - and now more than ever especially since I am gluten free - the cost of buying ready-made "treats" is astronomical - so discovering how to tweak favorite recipes into being gluten free is practical as well as economical.

    Some treats can be a trigger for me, hence the limited amount available and the reason they are "portioned".
    1762 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/19/2013 10:45:00 AM
  • OOLALA53
    I took a few cooking classes years ago concentrating on grains, legumes, and vegetables. I don't limit my diet to those, but it sure made it easier to make my own meals with high quality foods that are hard to get other places. I pretty much gave up baking eventually because at least where I live, there are so many baked goods of all qualities available. As the French say, "That's what the patisserie is for!" (They don't keep cake around the house, either. It's event-specific.)

    So, I'm with ya on the no baking stance.
    1762 days ago
    I agree with you. I try to cook things that I can make healthier. If hubby wants a lemon meringue pie, Marie Callander's creation is probably not much worse for him than what I'd make. And those store made things just don't call to me the way something I make does for some crazy reason -- maybe it is that Little Red Hen!! Thanks for another great blog!! But I don't watch any cooking shows. Seems to me most of cooking is making things less nutritious -- more salt, sugar, butter, etc. I'd rather have plain food and more of it!!
    1762 days ago
    I'm with you . . . don't bake (and "cook" pretty much soup and salads . . . that's all).

    In fact I subversively question the Spark focus on recipes -- really don't consider that encouraging a focus on food prep works for me. at all. But obviously they're very popular with quite a few people so . . . whatever works!

    And yes there are generally take out food bars in grocery stores here including salads prepackaged in plastic clam shells -- and of course potato wedges, deep fried chicken, buckets of mayo heavy macaroni and potato "salads" etc. etc. So not temptation free!
    1762 days ago
    Way to go!
    1762 days ago
  • DR1939
    I love to cook and always have. The challenge has always been to make something that tastes good and is healthy.
    1762 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I love cooking shows. I love to cook with my husband. However, I stay away from baking sweets. Those are my triggers. I am with you. My interest is in maintaining., Good for you keeping that scale in the kitchen!
    1762 days ago
  • TINY67
    1762 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I was just saying to DH yesterday that I'm always fascinated by people who struggle with their weight - but don't like to cook!

    I love to cook AND bake. Nowadays I'm pretty good at not overindulging, altho I still have my moments.

    Don't watch tv cooking shows much but love food blogs!
    1762 days ago
    You are so right. Stay away from the oven! DW Chris is a bake-a-holic. For the grandkids, for the neighbors and our many houseguest visitors. We live in Florida, remember?

    I need super willpower. Sometimes I take a taste, sometimes more. It ain't easy being married to a bake-a-holic and stay slim.
    1762 days ago
    You made me think... your interest in baking... my interest in fashion (confession, I like Project Runway, but I never buy designer clothing, nor do I shop for things that "look good", nor do I sew). Virtual.

    But like you, my interest in maintenance... very real!

    Spark on! emoticon Once a day. Record. Track intake. And be active. That's us!
    1763 days ago
    I love cooking shows and I bake at home. It's life to me so I do eat some but only a little seldomly.

    Lovely blog thanks
    1763 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1763 days ago
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