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Dr. Oz Swimsuit Cleanse

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lately Dr. Oz has been my favorite show! I record all of his episodes and watch the ones that relate to things occuring in my life. One night while I was working on homework, I took a five minute break and saw that my mom was watching his show. So I sat down and I didnt want to leave the TV! He explained that there is a diet where you can lose five pounds in one week!!! Now I absolutely did not believe it, until I tried it out for myself. So I ran out, bought the ingredients and I noticed a change immediatly! The first day you are supposed to lose 2 pounds... which I did! Then I lost another 1.8 pounds, and it was only day two! That is almost four pounds in two days!!! Life cant get any better! I am still on the diet and right now I am on day 6! I feel great and constantly full! The best way to watch the pounds drop fast is to walk, jog, or run! I love to jog and I try to run, but it has been very hot in Florida lately emoticon Stay very strict and enjoy the drinks! I also add flaxseed oil, and two types of protein powder. (Brown Rice Protein Powder can be found at Whole Foods and it is very good for you! Flaxseed oil is at Whole Foods in the refrigerated vitamin section)

Rather than stopping the shakes and eating food, I continued to have the shakes for two of my meals and then I ate a salad with protein for my last meal. If I felt like I needed something I would eat an apple or some dried apricots or dried dates. If it can work for me, than it can work for anyone who has will power! And the shakes taste delicious! You mainly just taste the fruit and the kale or spinach doesnt taste like anything! I love these drinks!!!
If you’re hoping to look and feel great in your swimsuit this summer, you’ve come to the right place. Here, Dr. Oz and weight-loss expert Dr. Caroline Apovian share what you can do to lose 5 pounds in one week – without giving up the things you love.

Most diets limit weight loss to 1 to 2 pounds per week. With this one-week cleanse, inspired by Dr. Caroline Apovian’s book, The Overnight Diet, you can more than double that drop, losing up to 5 pounds.

The secret is by combining two of the most successful slim-down strategies for a one-two punch. You’ll start by shedding 2 pounds the first night. Here’s how.

Note: Before starting any cleanse, make sure to consult your physician, especially if you have a medical condition like diabetes. Also, don’t participate if you’re pregnant or nursing. Detoxes are also not a substitute for medical diagnoses or treatment.

Swimsuit Cleanse Day 1: Shrink Drinks
Instead of eating your day-one meals, drink them! This strategy is based on a dietary habit that humans have been doing for thousands of years – taking a temporary break from solid food. You’ll lose up to 2 pounds overnight as your body flushes out excess water weight, minimizes bloat and activates the fat-incinerating process.

Here’s a sample smoothie menu for the first day of your cleanse.

Start your day off right with an Orange Zest Smoothie.
Orange Zest
Juice up your day with America’s favorite citrus fruit.

1 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt
Zest of one whole orange
1 whole seedless orange, quartered (including the flesh, sections and pith)
1/2 banana sliced
1 Italian plum, pitted (or regular plum)
Juice of whole lemon
3 large Swiss chard leaves, deribbed

Blend ingredients together and enjoy!

For lunch, go green with a Kale Margarita Smoothie.

Kale Margarita
There’s nothing like a margarita to make your day. Bitter kale, sweet mango and succulent coconut water make up for the lack of tequila.

1 scoop protein powder (whey or soy)
2-3 cups destemmed and chopped kale
2 cups peeled and cubed mango
1 1/2 cups prepared margarita mix
1/2 cup coconut water
1 cup ice

Blend ingredients together and enjoy!

Skip the greasy takeout, and end your day with a Crispy Apple Smoothie.

1 scoop protein powder
1 cup water
1 Apple
1 Orange
1 Banana
1 Carrot
2 handfuls of Spinach

Peel seed and core fruits.
In addition to tasting great, these smoothies will keep you feeling full all day long, thanks to the protein powder. Be sure to look for a protein powders containing less than 2 grams of sugar, and powders that are blends of whey and casein protein. Your body digests the whey protein quickly, giving it the nutrient boost it needs. The casein protein – which comes from milk – digests more slowly, keeping you satiated until the next meal.

Not only will the protein keep you satisfied, but it will help you burn fat. Once we reach age 30, we naturally lose 1% of our lean muscle every year. Metabolism-boosting lean muscle is crucial when it comes to burning fat. Reintroducing protein to your body via the day-one smoothies will help rebuild the lean muscle you need to be a fat-burning machine.

Swimsuit Cleanse Days 2-7: Fat Flush
Days 2 through 7 are filled with delicious foods that will keep you shedding fat while feeding lean muscle. By eating adequate protein throughout the day, you will knock out afternoon energy crashes. And by night two, you’ll be boosting serotonin production in the brain to enhance your mood and promote better sleep.

To balance your meals, every day you get to eat:

3 (4-Oz) Servings of Protein
Protein is key to building the lean muscle you need to look and feel slim in that swimsuit. Here are some great sources:
•Fish (oily fish, like salmon, tuna (chunk light), sardines, herring, and lake trout, are best)
•Skinless poultry: Turkey, chicken; white meat is better than dark meat
•Lean beef: Flank, sirloin, round steak, cubed steak, London broil, filets, or extra-lean ground beef; cuts of meat with little or no marbling
•Lean pork: Tenderloin, loin chops, Canadian bacon
•Wild game: Venison, elk, quail, dove, etc.
•Shellfish: Clams, shrimp, oysters, etc.
•Beans or peas: Black beans, kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, white beans, lentils, and garbanzo beans
3 (1/2-Cup) Servings of Whole Grains
Healthy, whole grains will keep you full and satisfied. Try some of the following:
•100% whole wheat or whole-grain Pasta
•100% whole grain cereal
•Brown rice
2 (1-Cup) Servings of Dairy
The calcium and protein in dairy will keep your hunger under control and help you sleep by maintaining healthy levels of your hormones ghrelin and cortisol. Try any of the following, higher-protein dairy sources:
•Cottage cheese
•Greek yogurt
•Mozzarella cheese
4 (1-Teaspoon) Servings of Fat
Good fats are satiating, and packed with omega-3’s that help burn fat and reduce cellular inflammation. Seek out healthy fat sources like:
•Canola oil
•Olive oil
•Flaxseed oil
1 Small Glass of Wine
A glass of wine at the end of the day can soothe inflammation and shrink fat cells.

The best part of the plan is its variety, allowing you to mix and match between meals. Enjoy a protein at each meal, as well as a serving of whole grains. You can decide when you want the 2 servings of dairy, as well as the fat. Enjoy that glass of wine at night.

The tasty eating doesn’t stop there. Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ll get to snack to keep your metabolism burning strong. Eat any non-starchy fresh fruit or vegetable you want. They’re a great source of fiber, and will decrease hunger.

And if you’re worried this diet will pack on the pounds, don’t. Most of this food is nutrient-dense, packed with protein and relatively light on calories. Be sure to drink at least 8 cups of water a day to keep your body hydrated and feeling full, while allowing you to slip into that swimsuit with ease.

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