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Closets and drawers and shelves, oh, my!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

With some spring weather finally rolling around, I have been eager to clean out closets, drawers, etc. Ready to get rid of items that don't fit or that I don't wear anymore. I have lots of clothes (read that *too many*) from my teaching days and many of them just don't "fit' my retired lifestyle or my body. I've been looking at lots of stuff for over 4 years and am ready to clean out and simplify my clothing options.
So I started with my drawers. Yeah, yeah. Boring stuff. No excitement in getting rid of a drawer full of old turtlenecks I haven't worn in over 5 years. Gone. Tee shirts; misshapen, stained, too short, too tight, etc. Gone.
Moving to some shelves I use. (I told you I have too many clothes for a retired lady!). Old workout clothes. Pilled, too small, misshapen. Those are gone. But, I'm still left with quite a supply. HMMMMM.......maybe I'm not wearing these often enough! emoticon
Then to the closet(s). Yeah, yeah, you know the drill---too many clothes.......... Blouses that haven't been worn in years. Blouses that won't button without some major pulling. Blouses I loved.....Gone. Still have enough for me. Sweater vests. Really?? Same old story--haven't been worn and most don't fit anymore (mainly because they're from the "cropped" top era and are too short!)
Now here, well, here's where it gets interesting. Pants. emoticon As a sped preschool teacher I wore twills every day. I still have a lot of them (I know, none of us are surprised by this!) So I decide to try on EVERY pair. Mistake? Maybe. Many just "almost" fit but have been in that category for a number of years. Many are not even close to fitting and have been in that category even longer. Some more recently purchased are fine and make me smile. Here's the dilemma: every pair of "almost" made me feel negative. Sad, angry, embarrassed and all of these thoughts were about ME. Why am I so fat? Why can't I lose the weight? I wish I was still that size. (I will tell you my age but struggle to share my weight or size with anyone--even family) Then my mind goes to that "I'm gonna lose this weight and wear these pants!!" Hmmm........haven't lost the weight in a number of years, I have decided to NOT focus on numbers (size or weight) but to focus on feeling good about myself and being healthy. I got rid of all of those pants that don't fit. Yeah, my pants section of my closet is pretty skimpy but I think I did the right thing.
I read the article today about getting rid of your skinny jeans. And, I found it a positive to ridding myself of those pants. Some really good points and I think that's my frame of mind. I still have lots of work to do on myself as now I look at the remaining pants and I know the number in them does not make me happy. But it is who I am right now. I need to accept me NOW. If I should happen to lose that weight, I will get to buy new clothes that are appropriate to my lifestyle.
I'm sorry I have rambled on about this. If you're still reading, I think this whole purging of clothes was more emotional and thought provoking than I had anticipated. I need some time to think this through and incorporate my thoughts and feelings into ME.
The really bad news?? I haven't finished the job!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    A closet purge is one of the healthiest things you can do! Good For You!

    Getting in the habit of being honest about who we are NOW is just so liberating.

    (I have too many clothes too - and am constantly pushing myself to purge more)
    1673 days ago
    I have way too many clothes too and some of them I don't even like but the task of going through them paralyzes me with fear. I need to just get started and then take a load of clothes to town every week to get rid of until they are done. But I have other things to go through that are just as pressing. My life is such a mess right now that it overwhelms me to even think about it. I have enough stuff for 3 houses. I must downsize.
    1673 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Good for you throwing out all that doesn't fit! If you FEEL good in your clothes, you will FEEL better about yourself. As the feelings mesh with your thoughts, the body will begin to transform. That's my belief about how this should work. As you begin to feel better, confidence will grow, and you will begin to see changes - not necessarily on the scale, but NSVs. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1673 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/19/2013 1:52:24 PM
    You really had me going waiting for your decision on the pants. I think you did the right thing. I ended up getting rid of all my old pants except for one pair of the largest size. On the way down, pants that fit years ago ended up being too big, and even the ones that did fit had that high waist, front pleat thing going on that just didn't work with how my body had changed.
    1673 days ago
    Beth -- About those clothes that "almost" fit.
    Get rid of them; or, most of them.

    Then, when you get down to the size that would have fit in them, reward yourself, instead with new clothes. Clothes that better fit your retired lifestyle. How much more fun! than fitting back into old clothes!

    ~ Faith
    1674 days ago
    I have way too may clothes. mostly because I alter them all the time.
    Now there is just too much but I just leave them hanging.

    Growing up poor I hung on to things for the rainy day my Gran used to say. The houses in my youth had no closets we had a wardrobe if we were lucky. Mostly everything was put in drawers. We were a big family so the clothes just went to others. Now I am having a really bad time getting rid of them.
    It is the same way in Fabric. I have bolts and yards all over the place, things I wanted to make for myself when I lost weight. I am still in a 16 but I never really think about the number if it fits wear it other wise buy bigger or smaller to look the best.
    After reading this I am going to get a place to put all of this stuff. I sure do wish we had a fireplace to burn thing like I did in my youth . Once it is gone you do not see or handle it again. GONE-GONE-GONE. I will tell you when I do it HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon
    1674 days ago
  • KAB7801
    You are very courageous throwing away old clothes. I was just thinking today to go through my draws or one
    Thanks for the encouragement I'm off to open a draw
    1674 days ago
    Good for you for doing the difficult task of purging those clothes. I have done it as well so I know how you feel. I still have a few favorites I've refused to give away, convinced they will once again fit. I should just toss them and then tell myself when I get to that size I'll just buy me something new that rocks and looks great!
    1674 days ago
    Good for you clearing out that closet. I do that twice a year for change of season...simply because I have limited space and put my off season clothes in storage and it is never something I look forward to.
    I always have 1-2 "hopeful" things in my closet, and I"ve cycled up and down between an 8 and 14 so many times that I don't dare give up all of my too-small too-large clothes, but I try to keep them to a minimum. If something outright doesn't fit at "changeover" day that I can't bear to get rid of, it goes back into storage and we'll try again next time.
    As much as it sucks getting rid of those too small pants, It's even more and more depressing to have them there, reach for them, "forgetting" they don't fit and being disappointed/disgusted on a regular basis. I just had to break down and buy some slightly larger jeans, and once I got over the size, I was so happy to have a pair that fit well and felt comfortable that I almost forgot about the size, ha ha. double bonus that they weren't covered in paint stain or grease.
    1674 days ago
    emoticon Soul Sister!
    Once again you articulated so clearly for me what I have to do and actually helped me sort my feelings out a bit.
    And I have to help my DD through the process, too, as she starts preparing to move out.
    She is 25 and still has all those little sports trophies from her youth sports days.
    Luckily, my dh is away for a week (YIPPPEEEE!) so we can get it done this week.
    1675 days ago
    Closet cleaning is such an emotional chore. I can totally relate to the sadness that comes when something doesn't fit. I immediately go back to the " oh I remember those days". You are right to toss the things that don't fit and accept who you are now. Although I must confess I still have a leather dress that's over 15 years old with the buttons hanging by a thread. I've been saving it for when I get back to not just pre baby weight but pre- baby shape. It will probably be dust in a few more years but, can't blame a girl for keeping hope alive! LOL!!!

    Now get back to work so you can enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend.
    1675 days ago
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