RE:Some Changes, Being Made PT2. (STWOP)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

RE: Some changes, being made pt2, those of, who know, me very very, well (, through my, Blogs that, is), will know, that i, have been, Sickness Benefit.

On &, off for, a long, time (, it certainly, feels like, it !!!!, !!!!), i have, also been, sending in, Sick Notes, 2 (to get, my Sickness, Benefit etc, released into, my Bank, Account etc, etc).

When i, went to, the Drs, yesterday to, get the, results of, my Blood, Test (, which i, had done, last week, etc etc, etc), i found, out that, my White, Blood Cell, count was, High !!!!, which mean't, /means, that i, have got, a Chest, Infection again, !!!! !!!!.

I also, asked for, another Sick, Note as, the 1, that i, sent off, /posted, last week, which took, (3 days, to get, to the, correct JobCentre, !!!! !!!!, !!!!).

Runs out, /expires, on 24/05/2013, the 11th, year Anniversary, since my, Dad (, John William, Large), died of, /from, Lung Cancer.

This means, that now, i have, to go, back to, working again, as most, of you, the last, 2 places, in which, i worked, were Morrisons, (1990, - 1993), & Asda, (2000, - 2002).

At both, of these, Places i, was Bullied, because of, my long, term Speech, Disability (, i have, trouble with, Speaking/, Communicating eg, i have, /suffer, from a, Speech Impediment,).

I have, had this, all my, life !!!!, !!!! !!!!, i am, scared to, go back, to work, in case, i get, Bullied all, over again, don't get, me wrong, i'm not, 'work shy', eg (can't, be bothered, to work, etc etc, etc).

I just, don't want, to start, a new, Job &, then have, to leave, it half, way through, from being, Bullied/, suffering Depression, !!!! !!!!, etc etc. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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