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feeling victorious!!!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

This blog was intended for yesterday but because of technical difficulties, the blog was lost and/or just didn't post. So although today I don't feel as victorious as I did yesterday, mostly because I didn't work out yesterday, I still had a few victories over the past few days that really made me feel good about where I am at in my journey.

The other day I went to the mall in dire need of more work clothes. Mine were much too big. I wasn't convinced that I was in a regular size 14 yet but I knew my current clothes, which are a 16 were much too baggy. I went to Ny & Company and honestly their clothes run a bit small. I wasn't impressed with their selection this season but I managed to pick some things that I thought were good enough to try on. I found a black fitted blazer, a coral sheath dress, and a pair of light colored slacks all in a size 16. I then courageously grabbed a pair of size 14 cropped slacks. Knowing how Ny & Co sizes run, I knew it would be a stretch but I always tell myself that if I can fit it there, I can fit that size anywhere. The first victory that happened was that for the first time, I did not feel disappointment while in the dressing room. In the past, even when clothes fit, I was disappointed with either the size, the way I looked, or even if I looked good in it, I felt I could look better. Or I would get immediately disgusted seeing the cellulite on my thighs and gut while getting in and out of the clothes. This time, I felt comfortable and confident and was not bothered by what I seen. And as I tried on items, they were fitting great. Then the moment of truth came: it was time to try on the size 14 slacks. One leg in and it wasn't feeling too promising but I figured it would be a good measuring stick anyway, so I continued to pull them on. I got them up and began to button. TAA DAA!! They fit! Now I must add, that they weren't a PERFECT fit. They buttoned, zipped and didn't split when I bent over, but it would be uncomfortable to wear them all day at this point. I figure a loss of 2-3 lbs will make them perfect. But I bought them knowing that I will be wearing these pants within the next week or two.

After leaving NY & CO, I stopped at Old Navy and saw the cutest denim jackets. Instinctively, I grabbed an XL. It did not look good; it ws bulky and baggy. I grabbed the Large and it was fitted but cute. I asked the sales girl and she said it looked great. I also got a Large cardigan which fit perfectly. Victory: I am a Womens Large!!! No more XL for me!

All these victories inspired me to pull out a pair of old slacks that I wore at the beginning of my journey. I wanted to burn them but instincts told me to hold on to them and I am glad I did. The last time I wore these white slacks they were so tight that I had to extend the waist with two rubberbands because they wouldn't button. Here is a comparison shot of how far I have come using my slacks as a visual:

Seeing that really made me feel good about my progress. Victory! I got another taste of victory when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and seen 216.0. YIPPEE! I have lost the 5 lbs I had gained plus 2 more pounds! Considering the past few months I have had this is a HUGE win for me. My Spark Anniversary is in 4 days and I would have loved to have been 212 so I could say I have lost 60 lbs in a year but that won't happen and I am fine with that. I am still hopeful that I will be in Onederland by my wedding day on Sept 7th. And speaking of wedding, today I tried my hand at a potential hairstyl for my wedding. Of course, I am not a hairdresser so it would look a lot better on the wedding day but I think this is generally how I will have my hair.

please pay no attention to the bags under my eyes!

I really liked the back but I obviously need help with the overall look. The front could use attention and the top could use more volume. My hairdresser will make my dreams a reality.

Well that is all folks. Have a great day and wish me luck as I have a big race in the morning!
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