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Maybe SparkPeople is not for me

Friday, May 17, 2013

I watch the SparkCoach video first thing in the morning hoping to get my motivation for the day. Today's video was very disappointing. I was encouraged by the first few videos, especially the welcoming video in that the spark approach was small incremental changes to achieve your goal. Today's video was very intimidating. It was all about how I had to measure everything I ate and change my schedule to accommodate a fitness program. And that this was my action plan for the day. I know I will have to make changes, but these are rather drastic changes to accomplish immediately. I feel like I am being set up to fail if I have to make all these changes right now. Instead of being motivational I started my day feeling like I would fail.
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    Like others, I agree that getting nutrition under control is key to weight loss. While we THINK we are eating one portion with a certain amount of calories, measuring it out can really spotlight for some of us where the issues lie.

    That said, I know when I started, it seemed overwhelming for me too. I had to go slowly, only doing what I could fit in, even just for 10 minutes. But eventually it became like "second nature" to me. Those small changes really DO make a difference so do what YOU CAN do. Listen and learn too, even if you may not be able to handle it now, there WILL come a time when you can. You'll pick up all sorts of suggestions and shortcuts to make it easier.

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    1614 days ago
    It definitely feels overwhelming to start but it gets easier. And like others have said, start small and work from there or start when you are ready. The knowledge you gain from measuring and tracking accurately is worth the effort x 10,000! Knowledge is power makes you powerful to make well informed decisions.

    Whatever you decide, don't give up! emoticon
    1614 days ago
    You don't have to take everything the spark coach says so literally. I have never even watched a coach video on here. I do think if you want to make a change regarding weight loss and fitness, you will eventually need to track and count your calories. Unless of course, your eating nutrisystem or jenny craig food. Also, you can't effectively lose weight without exercising too.

    Take it at your own pace if you are overwhelmed. You are doing this in the privacy of your own home. Gradually increase your exercise and gradually decrease your calories. work as slow as you want. But don't lose motivation just because you didn't like the video. They are endless amounts of tools on here. If you have a desire to change, that should be your biggest motivation.

    Becoming fit is hard work. I'm not gonna lie. But you can do it at your own pace. It's your body. Some people lose weight fast. Others don't. I have been losing weight and getting fit for almost 2 years now. I am a slow loser. that's the way I want to do it.

    You've been on here less than a week. I suggest you make some friends on here, join some teams and read some blogs, success stories, etc. before you decide it's not right for you. everyone is so nice and supportive. It's a very positive place to be.
    1614 days ago
    You don't have to do anything that you're not ready for. The best plan is the one you work out for yourself...when you're ready.

    Good luck to you!
    1614 days ago
    emoticon One of the Beauties of Spark People is that you can adapt it to Fit You. If one part of it doesn't work for you, adapt it to something that you can live with. It is a Good Idea to Weigh & Measure things at least occasionally just so that you get a good Mental Picture of a Correct Portion Size.
    emoticon We can do it together, and Most Important -- YOU ARE WORTH IT!!
    1614 days ago
    I found measuring my food rather eye opening. It just takes some measuring tools you probably already own, measuring cups and tablespoons. I did invest in a food scale, but it's not necessary unless you really want accuracy.

    I don't go out of my way for fitness, but I do take the long way home from dropping the kids off at the bus stop, I'm already there, so I have no excuse but to take the path I happen to have in the park to find my way back around the trail for a nice morning walk. You don't have to get a gym membership and run as fast as you can and use every machine possible. Start out slow and start out with a 10 minute something, even if it's just leg lifts at your desk.

    Change is hard. You're used to doing one thing, which is not working for you or you wouldn't be here. Take your time to try new things, even if you try a new food a week or learn how to read the nutrition label. You can do this as fast or as slow as you want. Use the Spark Coach as a guideline and not necessarily a rule. You know how far and fast you want to go with this. Just as long as you don't give up you are going to win! You are worth the changes necessary to give you good health!
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    1614 days ago
    you can even break this down in to smaller changes - weigh everything for ONE meal...then add another meal...then add your third meal...then add your snacks.

    your page says you don't really cook - if you are eating pre-packaged meals, they are measured for you (YAY!)

    weight loss is at least 80% nutrition. So you really NEED to know what you are eating and how much.

    as far as not cooking for one - I totally get that! When I lived alone I would go for weeks eating only oatmeal and grits; one for breakfast, the other for dinner. The next day, I'd swap the meal times out. Lunch was usually a salad or a sandwich. Not only did I not want to cook for just me, it's just a pain to go to the grocery!

    you can also set aside a few minutes on the weekend to measure out and bag up your portions. Come on, don't you believe your page title? Don't you believe in YOU?

    when you feel overwhelmed, there are LOTS of people here who have been in your shoes. And they will be glad to help you.

    as Paul Rudd said in one of his movies, "head up, young person" emoticon

    1614 days ago
    Weighing and measuring food is not difficult and it is a great way to know that you are eating correct portions. After awhile you will have a pretty good idea of serving sizes without having to do that but until then it is a fantastic way to keep yourself accountable and to know that you are staying within your calorie range.
    As far as the fitness you just need to find a time of day that works best for you.... work it around your schedule, whatever time is convenient. It doesn't really matter when it is, and remember when you are starting out you only have to fit in 10 minutes...... that's all!! It's a start and it will motivate you to want to do more.
    Finally, nobody ever said this was easy.... in fact it's not. You really have to want to do this for YOURSELF and have to be willing to put in the work. Stay with the community, blog and respond to other blogs and you will get the motivation that you need.
    Don't give up!! You can do this!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1614 days ago
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