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Step Four-Stick to It

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Number Four-the toughie! I have been thinking about what has thrown me off track before and the main reasons would be cravings,special events & stress.So I'm heading them off at the pass by using step 2-have a plan!

Cravings-We all get really strong cravings for very bad food from time to time- pizza, brownies or ice cream. Whatever it is that you crave, you can eat them in small quantities if you plan them & track them. There are also lo-cal versions of most things. It's essential to allow yourself the occasional treat.(Check out SparK Recipes)

Special Events- They do not have to be an excuse to go hog wild-you know the drill-plan what you are going to have & stick to it. Be proud of what you have done & enjoy the celebration-they are more than just food.

Stress-I know that if I start heading for Ben & Jerry to make me feel better I am walking on thin ice. If hunger isn't the problem-then food's not the answer.This is a toughie-but we can do it.

We've heard this all before-
Avoid known trouble spots. If you consistently overeat in certain situations, stay out of those situations.

Don't let a setback sabotage you. Everybody stumbles at some point. But the people that finally reach their goal weight are the people who pick themselves up, wipe the ice cream from their chin, and get back to their diet. Don't beat yourself up. Move on. Your goal isn't behind you -- it's right out there in front.

Whatever it takes -- no matter what. When you're serious about getting fit, let that be your motto. It'll be inconvenient to eat right at times, you'll want to just let go other times. But stay committed to the goal and visualize the results. Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way.

I know it's tough,but I Believe We Can Do it! Thanks for stopping by & remember to let your Spark Shine.

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