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What A Night

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I've been trying to sleep all night.... but no. Not likely. It is now around 6am and I still haven't had much sleep. All night (and throughout the day yesterday) my son has had this wretched cough. It is so loud and constant. He has asthma, but at first I assumed it was just a regular cough (I myself get sick when the season/weather changes). Tonight, was much worse than last night, though. Tonight he was coughing so much he couldn't sleep. So at first, I was up all night, googling what it could be and ways to help it. I was about to go start a shower, so that we could utilize the steam, but something told me to read the comment section of the article I had just read suggesting the steam (and other things such as a humidifier). Apparently kids with asthma shouldn't do the steam treatment, especially after already taken some kind of medicine, as it can trigger an asthma attack. My son has never had a legitimate exaggerated-looking asthma "attack" but he wheezes unusually, really deep in his chest and his oxygen levels get low over the course of a couple days. He gets sluggish and fatigued. His temp goes up. So that was scary to think about considering he's at school most of the time. So once I chucked it up to being asthma related, I dug out his nebulizer and gave him a treatment. It's been about 30 minutes since the treatment and he's still coughing, but much less so. I have not laid back down and am still staring at him and constantly flipping him back over to his side (he's more comfortable on his back but coughs a lot while in that position), but my panic mode has been deactivated. He's finally asleep... I'm not sure if I even want him to go to school today, considering the night he had. I kind of just want him to rest... He's an out of zone kid though, so his school has stricter attendance policies for those kids.. :/

I need sleep, but I won't go to sleep 'til I know he's fine.

To make this weight loss related...

I 'stole' some of my brother's soda out of the fridgerator like 20 minutes ago. I try not to be up before sunrise, because I have acid reflux and if I don't eat for more than 5 or so hours, everything feels like a burning hole. However I was up, because I was caring for my son. So I reasoned that soda was the most filling, because it is kind of just a carbonated filler. I didn't get a lot of it. Only like 5 or 6 oz, if that. Just something to take the burn of the acid reflux away... which I know will come back to bite me later... People with acid reflux shouldn't have soda... We shouldn't have a lot of things really.. haha.

Which reminds me of this odd thing I did the other night. I drank almost an entire carton (like quart) of low acid orange juice over the course of like 6 or so hours. By the end of the carton, the back of the roof of my mouth burned and my insides burned. I got a headache (which just wore off tonight) and my head felt really heavy. It was odd... I deserved it, haha... Shouldn't have drank all that orange juice. Another thing I'm not supposed to have, even if it is low acid.

So yeah, that's what I'm up to right about now. Hope you guys are having a lot of success.

Thank you everyone who commented on my last blog (the Mother's Day one)! I did not reply to any of you yet, as I needed to be somewhat over the situation first, but I appreciate all the helpful and concerned people who understood where I was coming from that day. You are amazing people. emoticon

Member Comments About This Blog Post:

    I have asthma too and it's the same as how you described your son's. When I first was diagnosed with it, the doctor told me other doctors may have a lot of trouble recognizing it. It's very deep and there may be slight wheezing but a lot of times it can be silent. It can be very painful & I hope your son is feeling a lot better now. I have a few suggestions. I know you may already do these things but it's worth a shot, right?

Weather changes impact asthma a lot. They can trigger the attack. If you know that there is going to be a weather change from sunny to windy, have your son take a puff of his inhaler.

Pains-a lot of time, before asthmatics start coughing, they will feel pain in their chest or their back. Sometimes, it is mild but sometimes it feels like you have been punched with a lot of force! Maybe you can ask your son questions to like "Did your chest hurt before you started coughing? You can help him learn to recognize the early signs of an attack so he can take his inhaler asap.

Speaking of inhalers, a lot of people take Albuterol or something called ProAIR which is basically the same thing. Well, before an asthmatic takes that, there is a medication called "Flovent." Flovent opens up the airways so it is best to take the flovent and then the Albuterol so the medication can get to where it needs to be more quickly. Flovent also comes in an inhaler form. It is a steroid but it's not something he will have to take every day so I wouldn't worry about that too much.

Now, the nebulizer- make sure the filters or clean or changed when they need to be. You want this machine running efficiently. They have mask mouth pieces for children and they may be easier for you son to use to make sure he gets all of the medicine. Have your son take his machine for 10 minutes and then give him a break if he can breathe well enough on his own for it. The medication can be overwhelming as it is very strong and sometimes, taking breaks between a treatment helps. There also use to be this medicine called "Chromolyn & it is very helpful but I think they took it off the market. If you have any of that medicine (maybe this is a medication he used for his treatments before..) keep it and save it for the worst attacks.

-Your son should not be coughing at after a nebulizer treatment, not even a little bit. He should be able to breathe easily, no coughing. Make sure he doesn't drink a lot of water during an attack. Drinking a lot of water can make an asthma attack worse. After he is done with his treatment, have him cough out and you may be able to hear if he is still having trouble breathing. I know it's a more deep rooted type of asthma but if he coughs out, the cough will sound clear. A person who is still having an asthma attack won't sound clear when they cough out.

It is also a good idea to have your son sit up for a while after a treatment. You want to make sure he can breathe and feels okay. If his asthma isn't completely gone, laying down could pose a risk and that is the last thing you want. If your son still is coughing, even a little, call a doctor asap. Sometimes, they can give a similar treatment but with stronger meds that will help your son breathe without any trouble at all.

-I am not trying to sound like a know-it-all or anything and like I said, you could already have a lot of this information. I just wanted to share just in case it may be helpful. I have had asthma since I was 5 and maybe there is something in here that you will find useful. :)

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PATRICIAAK 5/18/2013 6:28AM

    hope your son is better.

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