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Mystery Of The World: Twisted Trees of Alticane, Saskatchewan

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When I went on a field trip with my Probus Club to go see a historical farm and the Twisted Trees, I was unable to show any photos as Sparkpeople rejected them all as being too large. Now I have resized them I can share them with you. This grove of Aspen grow crooked only in this one perimeter. Normal trees are just meters away. Scientists have tested the soil and found no abnormalities. Locals claim its haunted and not to go into it at night, hearing strange sounds.

They put a pathway into the grove, asking people not to step off it and cause any damage.

It was totally strange seeing these perfectly healthy trees so warped:

I spent as much time as the group would allow in there:

So bizarre, but so cool to see:

So many here:

Some day I would love to go back at night and see if it feels strange..

One last one:

A unisex outhouse:

Saying goodbye to the strange place:

How well do you know your state or province? Do you have mysterious wonders lurking for you to explore? I will bet you do. Explore and learn. Life is an adventure, don't waste it and have later regrets of could have, should have..
Enjoy your evening!
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