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Doctors and Weight

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here's a cool thing I learned today from my doctor's appointment: even doctors struggle with their weight!!!!

Let me explain.
So last summer I had a follow up doctor's appointment and I lost weight, and my doctor did also! I asked how he did it and he said he cut out his late night snacks-he lost 20 pounds.

Fast forward to today.
It was my 4 month follow up appointment from January, and I lost a couple of pounds (the best part was that my doctor said to focus on the positives- it's better than gaining weight!)
I was just telling my doctor that this weight thing seems to be a never ending cycle for me-up and down, doing good one day and then bad the next.

He told me that it was the same for him!!
He lost those 20 pounds, then winter came so he didn't run/jog outside as much and stress arrived so the weight kind of slid
but now he said he's back on track

I love that because it shows that this weight loss thing really is a struggle-even for doctors so we can relate to that.

One thing he taught me was to find out your problem areas, and work on them.
For me it's soda- so he said to change from regular soda and 'drink all the diet soda you want'

He said at first it's hard, but then it becomes a habit and then you realize 'it's not that bad'

there's sooooo much weight loss advice out there-it can be overwhelming! (I say that a lot)

It's really finding out what works for you
and that leads me to another thing

my grandpa thinks that I need to go to weight watchers meetings to lose weight (sorry if I mentioned that before)
I'm like, I don't think so!
I did this before-on my own
he can just teach me what he learns in the meetings and I can look at the booklets he gets every week
I mean I understand where he's coming from- the whole accountability factor and counting points, but I just don't want to pay money for that when there's sparkpeople for freeeeeee!
I'm telling you I just have to take more advantage of this site

btw, how do people lose 100+ pounds in less than two years????
it's amazing!!!

let's start focusing on the positives!

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