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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The first thirty years of my life, I was the person everyone “hated”. I could eat anything I wanted and yet remain skinny. In fact, I remember purposely looking for high-fat foods when I was a teenager because I wanted curves.
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Then I crossed into my thirties. A few things happened at that time.

I stopped going to nightclubs because it was no longer enjoyable to me. The music and the crowds changed, plus my own energy level was waning. Although I was not the girl that always ran onto the dance floor to strut my stuff (I am not a good dancer), I did do some dancing when they played the irresistible songs. It was good exercise and it was fun. I have never been a high-energy person. I have always preferred to relax rather than go on excursions. Going out to eat, drink, or just chill with friends at their homes has always been my idea of fun. I do love the outdoors but it usually involves sitting at a bench in a park or sitting on the sand at the beach. After a while, I noticed the seemingly impossible was occurring. I was getting a little pudgy around the tummy! My friends teased me because they could not see it. I could.
From 1986 to 1999 I worked in retail stores. That provided many opportunities to move, stretch, bend, climb, squat, etc. for several hours most of the week. In 1999, I finally decided I wanted a Monday through Friday job with holidays off. That is when I left retail for an office job. My first day on the job, they were having a potluck for Mardi Gras … and then potlucks kept coming!
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Oh, and let’s not forget that I bought my first personal computer in 1997! I was addicted to it and rushed home everyday to surf the web for hours.

Within a few short months, I could no longer fit into my clothes! One Saturday I walked into The Gap at our local shopping mall. I grabbed a few pants in their largest sizes to try on. After stepping out of the dressing room, I handed all of the pants to the store employee and declared with a sad face that I now need to go across the way to Lane Bryant. Thankfully the tiny girl working at The Gap was sweet so she did not add to my hurt.
A slowing metabolism, a sedentary lifestyle, and continuing to eat as much as I want all caught up to me. In 2000, I did join a beautiful new gym that opened in the same parking lot as our office building but that was short-lived. I loved the gym but my motivation wasn’t there.

From 1999, my weight has gone from 149 lbs up to 226 lbs! I am 5’10” so people have always told me that I don’t look very overweight. They don’t believe me when I tell them that my BMI is in the “obese” range. To be honest, it was a shock to me!
So here it is 2013. I am tired of being tired. I’m tired of aching knees, aching back, acid reflux, being self-conscious of my big booty, having a bulging belly, having a hard time finding cute clothes. It sucks being over-weight and out of shape! This is my year to get fit! I started the year eating more raw foods and eliminating most processed foods. I am still working on getting myself to exercise. However, I have been walking more, parking my car at the far end of lots, taking the stairs, etc. So far this year, I have gone down to 211 lbs! I have not weighed that in years! It’s still too much weight but it’s a very big accomplishment. I am proud of myself and will continue to lose more weight. I was able to quit smoking years ago. If I can do that, then there is no reason I can’t gain control of my weight!
Fight on!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • EMILY0724
    Congratulation! you're on the right track! Just keep taking those small steps. Never, ever give up!
    1675 days ago
    Way to go!
    1702 days ago
    Interesting self-reflection. I like how you write, 'I'm tired of being tired'.

    You write you already do a few small things differently.
    However, I'm interested, if you look back all those times, and if you consider this year.
    What is that now you do differently compared to before?

    Have a great fit weekend!
    1704 days ago
    For people have never had to control their nutrition and fitness for their bodily appearance, it is a major change. My mom was the same as you, at 98 lbs she ate whatever and she is 5'8". At age 49 she is over 200 lbs and very unhappy about it. As for me, I have struggled my whole life with my metabolism and weight. It is worth the effort, keep it up!!
    1704 days ago
    You could have been writing my story, Reznut. I was exactly the same as you (except that I really enjoyed sports when I was younger). Not only could I eat any junk I wanted (and I did), but I was one of those annoying people who would "forget" to eat. "Oh, I was just so busy today, that I forgot to eat all day." Like that would ever happen now! emoticon

    I'm also fairly tall (5'7") and got the same comments from friends as you did - "You're not getting fat." or "You don't look very heavy to me." or "It's all in your imagination." Well, apparently, I "imagined" myself within 4 lbs of 200 lbs.

    If you're at all interested, take a look at my Sparkpage (
    asp?id=SCUBAMUM), the story there is so close to yours.

    The good news is, with the help of SP, I've lost 34 lbs in less than 6 months - slow but steady. You've made a GREAT start! If I can do this, you can, too! I'm rooting for you!! emoticon

    1704 days ago
    think I just read my bio ...
    thanks for this

    emoticon emoticon
    keep moving
    1705 days ago
  • JIMI520
    hey ,

    may be you can have a look at my blog for more honesty and commitment and suggest few things.


    hank you.
    1705 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/16/2013 1:13:19 PM
    emoticon I think everyone can relate to some part of your blog. Except the part about being able to eat everything and anything. GRRRH! I hate you . LOL! No, just kidding. Lucky you to have experienced that freedom. I've been a "yo yo" person far too long. Never again. This is a healthy lifestyle for me and not a diet anymore. emoticon

    Your honesty and ability to express yourself so well will be great tools in your arsenal of weight loss/healthy lifestyle tools.Good luck on your journey! emoticon
    1705 days ago
    There is no substitute for honesty. And when honesty and great writing skills come together, the result is your blog.

    1705 days ago
    What a great blog. You write so well and I enjoyed hearing your weight history. I can so relate to shopping in "regular" department stores and then only able to shop at Lane Bryant. Thankfully I'm back to regular stores again.

    Best of luck to you
    1705 days ago
    I am so proud that you are starting this journey here with us!! Best of luck! I too gained most of my weight going from retail to a typical 9-5 office job. It is great but it sucks all at once. lol :) Way to go!
    1706 days ago
    Your path to overweight is not that different than others. I on the other hand have been heavy my entire life. I was 200 lbs on the nose when I got prego with my first bundle of joy. That bundle came with 66 extra pounds. Then 2 years later don't even know what the weight was I had another bundle. Then I went to work I had a job that was very physical and I lost some weight. Then 2.5 years later came bundle number 3. I am a happy mother I have always had physical jobs, but like you I kept eating the wrong things and now here I am 30 years old and 265 lbs. I have been between 255 and 265 for the past 6 years ever sense the birth of my last bundle. I am so ready to be below 250.

    Now that I am out of work and back to being a stay at home mom, I am so scared that my weight will get out of control again. I found a local park that has a trail that is half a mile long and I have worked my way up to 2 miles a day. I go walking in the morning after I take my girls to school. It was very hard when I first started, I was being pasted my people that were in their 60's. I did not give up I kept with it, now when I miss a day I feel like blah.

    You are in the right place to make things change. Find something that works for you, even if you get passed by the 60 somethings lol. Keep up the great work. emoticon
    1706 days ago
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