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Angelina Jolie

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Would you have your breasts and ovaries removed like Angelina Jolie did to make sure you did not get cancer. I understand her reasoning but not sure if I could do and also wonder if it was not for the money, if my insurance company would even allow it
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    She was very brave but I don't think I could go through all that pain it's bad enough going through what we have to with one thing and another.
    1769 days ago
    She is a young woman. Those are major surgeries. In addition to the financial cost (which she would have no problem with!), she is also sacrificing some of the major parts that make her a woman. Her life will never be the same. Cancer is a horrific disease. Her risk of developing it are high. Treatment is often awful. The prognosis is often death.
    I am old. I would have no problem choosing the surgical solution to enjoy my remaining years. If I were younger - who knows? Many young people feel invincible or believe such bad things only happen to other people, so would be willing to take the risk.
    I am just glad that I didn't have to make that choice.
    1769 days ago
    Personally I hope never to be faced with this decisions...voluntarily mutilate my body or accept a high risk of developing a terminal disease. Which is sad because it should be a simple choice but society places so much emphasis on a woman's appearance, and especially her breasts, that it is hard to disassociate oneself from the conviction that "losing" one's breasts somehow makes one less of a woman. I think I would eventually make the same decision but it would not be easy at all.

    Ovaries....not quite the same emotionally charged decision. I already had 2 children and had no intention of having more...and the fact that ovaries are external and there presence or lack thereof is not readily visible to the world...choosing to remove them (for other reasons, not cancer) was not nearly as difficult a decision as a choice involving my breasts would be.

    Ultimately it is a very personal decision. For someone whose job and recognition is so intimately tied to her appearance the decision to go public with her decision and choices was extremely brave. As we have seen here just in the comments on your blog - let alone in the world as a whole - some people can be extremely judgmental.

    I truly doubt she did it for the publicity as I have seen others comment out in the real world. There are much simpler ways to get one's name in the headlines.

    I truly hope that the decision she had to make is not one anyone will ever have to make, even the people who have been extremely negative in their comments about her decision. Whether you agree with her choice or was her choice to make and quite honestly she is the only one who knows all of the factors involved in her decision. I can guarantee it was not made lightly.
    1769 days ago

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    I think she made a very brave choice.
    1769 days ago
    Working for an OB-gyn, I see people making this decision quite often and yes, insurance does pay for it almost all of the time. If you are BRCA +, I've never seen them not cover either surgery(at least with the major insurances we deal with on a daily basis). If you have certain breast cancers it's recommended you have your ovaries removed and insurance pays for that as well. If I had a significant family history of breast or ovarian cancer and knew I was BRCA +, I would without a doubt have the surgeries.
    1769 days ago
    The %'s she faced makes it a real consideration.
    1769 days ago
    I know I wouldn't do it. We're all going to die of something!
    1769 days ago
    I had a hysterctomy for medical reasons, but I don't think I would have my breasts removed unless it was absolutely necessary.
    1769 days ago
    But isn't it more crazy that COST should be the determining factor...if one can afford the BRAC test or if one's insurance will cover the test? Again, socio-economic factors help determine who receives medical information/treatment and who doesn't. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will decide that no one/company can patent a gene or own the "rights" to a genetic test. Thus, making the BRAC test available to us all. Once that happens, then we can ALL make informed decisions about our own bodies.
    1769 days ago
    What a difficult choice!
    1770 days ago
    If my insurance cover it I would A few years a go they thought I might have it, but not at that time. I have watched my mom go through it 2 times, and I was called due to my % they will be testing me to see. Angelina % went from 87% down to 5% I think that would be worth it.
    1770 days ago
    In listening to NPR, I learned quite alot: firstly, insurance routinely covers genetic counseling if there is significant reason (Jolie's mother died of breast cancer, so that was considered significant reason.) Secondly, if the gene mutation is found, such as was the case with Angelina, you have over an 80% chance of developing breast cancer. Over 80%! I don't think it's an 'outrageous' decision she made based on the information she had.
    1770 days ago
    If I had as much money and free time that she does, I would definately consider it. The average person cannot affort this procedure and there's no way insurance will cover it.
    1770 days ago
  • HFAYE81
    I feel like that is going a little far. You take risks every day, just walking outside you take a risk. I think she's being a little outrageous.
    1770 days ago
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