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Eating Weird

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I bought the Spark Solution and I was really excited to get it last week. I have been super busy with studying for an exam so I have slowly been reading it before bed each night. It has an awesome meal plan and grocery lists and everything laid out so it is super easy and nice. But....but....but. It has been almost six months since I had major surgery for acid reflux. I feel so much better and the greatest thing is that I am not choking to death on reflux anymore (yes, I had a very severe case). Right after the surgery I wasn't able to eat much but at this point I would likely tell you that I am eating normally now. I still eat six mini meals a day and I avoid bread, steak and sticky stuff (like peanut butter) but all in all, I think that I eat normally. NOT! I didn't realize it until I saw those meal plans in the Spark Solution. Wow! They seriously expect me to eat that much food in one sitting? I am lucky to eat half a cup at a time! For fish and chicken, I typically eat about two ounces and then I have a serving of something with it, usually something that has a few calories - otherwise I can't get enough. If I eat too many veggies in one day, I never get enough calories so I often have V8 Fusion 100% juice to help get the calories up and get a veggie serving in (I do sneak veggies into my meals so that I am getting some). And (as per my surgeons instructions) I often eat BUTTER! Real butter! Not a lot but just enough to moisten my food and to add some calories. I always get my calories, carbs, protein and fat grams in, and usually they are pretty close to the recommended ratios. I am never hungry and sometimes I am too full. I don't swallow pills yet so I take a chewable multi-vitamin each day to ensure that I getting my vitamins and minerals in. And like I said, I feel great! But now I realize that I am not back to normal yet. And that is okay. I am just so happy not to have acid reflux anymore! And I look forward to the time when I can eat those big servings of fruits and veggies again!

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