Tues eve

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Didn't even have the puter on yet today, and it is 8:21 but now cos we are using the data plan on phone and it is raining it is super slow. Oh well will write this and try to get some emails and if not will do them in the am, when it isn't as busy.
Had a good day, didnt' rain till just a bit ago. We went in town, I did a load of wash, we went out for lunch with dad and dd, and then we packed up some other stuff, ( mostly my scrapbook stuff well a wee bit of it !) and a few other things and came back. Allie is doing well with this travelling which we are glad about. Came back, took her for walk, then we had supper. Later we both took her for awalk again and now are cosy in the the trailer.
I am super tired, had just over 5 hrs sleep last night, cos kept hearing the furnace come on and then allie was moving around. So hope to go to bed and sleep well.
Guess will go read for a bit, do my exercises and then go to bed by 9 or 10.
Hope to be on a bit more tomorrow, maybe in the morning if I can.
NIght all
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