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Spark Coach Activity - Write a Positive Letter to Yourself

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Ev,

You can't imagine how happy i am to hear you have lost over half of the size you were when last we saw each other. I'm so darn proud of you! As you know I have been on a journey to have a healthier lifestyle, too. I know what you have accomplished isn't always an easy thing to do, but you are so worth being the best you of all - the you that you were meant to be!

The next time we get together we'll have to talk about food and exercise trackers. It will be fun to talk about our most and least favorites and share tips of what helped us to succeed when we weren't able to in the past. Don't you think it is satisfying to share with friends who understand and have been where you are at some point?

Something else that made me happy for you was knowing you had the new issues with weight gain and how you managed it. Calling your doctor and checking about the side affects of your new meds did the trick. Who would have thought waiting four hours between meds could get you back on track! You must have had a huge sigh of relief knowing your loss of appetite was from the medicine rather than a return of that nasty disease that entered your life several years ago. I would have never even thought of contacting your spark coach and ask for help in figuring it all out.

You have always been a strong person, but I don't think you knew just how strong until you started this long and winding journey to wellness. It doesn't surprise me at all. I can remember your mama talking to you about your inner strength. It i shut my eyes, I can hear her now telling you of your long line of female ancestors who were owners of the kind of strength you yourself possess. You told me you didn't think she was right. You didn't believe you could ever survive under the same circumstances even your grandmothers did. But look at you now! You have faced far more serious challenges and have met them and survived and did so with all the grace you could. You seem to be so much more positive and upbeat. All our lives you have been a helper and to know you offer tips to anyone who can use them doesn't surprise me in the least.

Until we see each other again, know that I am thinking of you and continue to be grateful for having you as a weight loss and cancer survivor. I am so proud. If anyone deserves all of your happiness, it is YOU. You who are so deserving.

Peace Love Cure
Your Inner self

I love you no matter what size you are. It isn't your size or looks that tell who you are. Your strong faith tells you and you know.

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