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Motivation ALIVE & WELL!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I have been very motivated since March and other than the occasional "flop day" I've done really well making not just good choices, but GREAT CHOICES.

I woke up this morning with even MORE motivation since I know about next months entry of a the cruise competition.

Today I have been flat out busy, which is good because I got so much done plus it kept my mind off food. I also got a short power walk in...to the shop and back. On top of that I made a really good food choices today.

I started with a meal replacement shake. I had barely finished the last sip when I had a call from a friend who learned of my weight loss from fb, inviting me to breakfast. I explained that I had eaten, but if the outing could be coffee only, I was ready and able...or breakfast another day. She agreed to coffee only AND breakfast another day. emoticon

I took my snack along in case we were longer than expected since I would be in her car and sure enough, that's exactly what happened. She stopped here, then there, and quickly popped into the bank etc. My good planning (unlike the time I fetched my son from the airport....) saw me ready with chicken and an apple in my bag. (203 calories)

Once home I had another shake because she brought me home so late and I had a ton to do so having a shake would be quicker than cooking/making anything. All this physical activity and "nervous energy" from scrambling to get everything done in the remaining half a day saw me wanting something sweet....sickly sweet. I knew I'd regret it if I went to the shop and bought something unhealthy, so I ended up having something quite decadent (for me) but super healthy.
My second snack comprised of 100g fresh pineapple, 100g plain yogurt with 1Tb flaxseed, 50g celery dipped into 30g sugar free peanut butter and rolled into 15g raisins.

While this snack wasn't low in calories (457calories) it was what my body was shrieking for. I fee satisfied and the sugar craving beast has been harnessed. I will compensate by making some home made healthy low cal tomato soup.

I'm on a really good healthy roll........LONG MAY IT LIVE.
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