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I'be been learning a lot of new stuff

Monday, May 13, 2013

That's why I have not taken the time to write a blog in a while. We changed to a different gym, much better, much bigger and much better equipped, but also much more expensive. The reason was that at the old one the air was very bad because of the indoor pool in the building that is chlorinated too heavily for what I can handle. So now we have a great University gym to use with every piece of equipment one can imagine and I'm having fun playing with the new toys. One piece of equipment I like is a climbing machine that simulates rock climbing for a great full-body workout incl. cardio.
We also joined a track club about a month ago. The first couple of weeks we did mostly basic conditioning exercises but today things got going for real. I learned the basics about long jump and a little bit about high jump. We did some sprinting drills as well. I found out this last week that sprinting indeed uses totally different muscle fibers than long distance running. I was sore for several days after a few short sprint repeats.
Then I was hit hard by a stomach bug of some sort, did not have to throw up, but a lot of cramping. I thought I might have developed IBS and even checked out an IBS- friendly diet called FODMAPS that helped my system get back on track. Today during track practice my muscles still felt sore but I'm back to being able to eat everything on my plan so hope to feel much stronger in a day or two. All this definitely gave me a lot of empathy for people dealing with IBS. Now I don't see paleo or low-carb as a restrictive diet at all in comparison.
Between all of this we had dogs get sick, a ton of gardening to take care of and some hot weather that made it necessary to water the yard every day.
Two nests of ducklings hatched in our yard middle of April and they are now old enough to not fit through the fencing any more, making our lives much less complicated. There are more ducklings hatching some time in the next two weeks. They are so much fun, but a bit of work as well.
In the garden, I added some berry bushes, a thimbleberry bush and two currant bushes, another little step towards feeding our family.
I'm getting into a routine making our own yogurt and sour cream from the 3 gallons of raw milk we are buying every week from a local dairy. I hope to learn how to make some cheeses soon as well.
This post was a catchall since I had not blogged in so long.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sorry you weren't feeling well, but glad you are better now :)
    1766 days ago
    It sounds like you are doing really great with your exercise! Way to go!
    1766 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    It's great to be learning things! I'm contemplating a new, more expensive gym, too. It also offers a lot the old one doesn't. I actually haven't been going much lately. The new one has a pool mostly sanitized by ultraviolet light, but there's a little chlorine, too. They have fitness clinics that are no extra cost and I'd love to learn how to swing the kettlebells. I can't really check it out yet, since it's still under construction.

    Hope you feel totally better soon and continue to enjoy the sprinting. I think it's the way to go.

    1767 days ago
    I think you will enjoy making cheese. It is easy and tasty. Have fun with that project when you get time for it.

    Here is a cool link



    1767 days ago
    Nice to know what you've been up to. Busy doesn't say it by half!
    1767 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    Doing what works is the key.

    Two parts: (1) what works for YOU, (2) DOING!

    You've got it. Keep going. emoticon

    Lee emoticon
    1767 days ago
    I have problems periodically with the cramping. It always turns out to be something I am sensitive to, gluten, dairy, now I have discovered corn is an issue. Back to good old Paleo, and making as much as possible from scratch because corn is in everything in some form!
    1767 days ago
    what is a thimbleberry? cant run at all
    feel better soon
    1767 days ago
    Wow, lots on your plate! The track practice sounds like a lot of fun. I've never been able to wrap my head around how people jump over hurdles. Glad your digestive issues got sorted out!
    1767 days ago
    Hope you're feeling totally better soon!

    Things like not eating nightshades, dairy, garlic, BROCCOLI (just crazy) does feel restrictive! I still eat them now and then and PAY. Of course, I'd never do gluten since I'm Celiac but those other things, I can sneak a tiny bit of but so easily go 'over.' Like one time, 2 cloves of garlic were fine. Another time, too much. Or another time, have 10 in something and fine -- leftovers? Bad. Kinda crazy.

    If it weren't for extensive elimination testing, I wouldn't have learned the it's so individual but for me, with autoimmune, it is. I never really had traditional IBS. I go into bowel lockdown (which you can die from -- so, it's something I've had to stay on top of since I was a kid).
    1767 days ago
  • TERRY0217
    Wow...you're new gym sounds great!! Have fun with your new 'toys'....
    congrats on your ducklings...we have a pair of duck "fred and ethel" who come to my workplace every year to lay their eggs...the little ones are cutties!
    Keep up the great work..
    1768 days ago
    I've never heard of a thimbleberry. I'll have to look this one up.
    1768 days ago
    Wow busy busy and now 'fighting fit' as well ----go you---!!!
    1768 days ago
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