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Online & SparkPeople Lexicon Text, including Acronyms & Emoticons

Monday, May 13, 2013

Online & SparkPeople Lexicon Text, including Acronyms & Emoticons

2013-05-13 (Last Updated 2013-07-06, v12)

Apparently, there are folks who have read blogs or other posts
and are confused by TLAs and emoticons. Ergo (;-)):

!= -- unequal(s). logical inequality. The '!' "reads" NOT.
(_x_) -- kiss my "butter"
10Q -- thank you
10Qgg -- thank you very much (replace each 'g' with a
. greater than sign; disallowed at SP)
4 -- for
404 -- I haven’t a clue (originally the return code for
. a missing web page)
4got -- forgot
:( -- frowny (unhappy, with a button nose)
:) -- smiley (happy, with a button nose)
:-( -- frowny (unhappy)
:-) -- smiley
:-* -- kiss
:-0 -- shocked
:-P -- tongue wag smiley (satirical smile)
:-| -- seriously
:| -- seriously (with a nose job)
;-) -- smilie/winkie
;-| -- sarcastic, perhaps, but also true
== -- equal(s). logical equality. In many programming
. languages '=' is used for assigning values to
. variables; hence '==' is required to express
. equality.
ADIH -- another day in hell
ADIP -- another day in paradise
AFAIC -- as far as I'm concerned
AFAIK -- as far as I know
AFAIR -- as far as I recall
ASAP -- as soon as possible
B/C -- because
B4 -- before
B4N -- bye for now
BCNU -- be seeing you
BF -- brain fart ("pilot error", user error, "my
. mistake")
BFD -- big "friggin'" deal
BFF -- best friend forever (now days, often, used
. sarcastically, as in, "I'll be your BFF -- for
. at least the next hour, if you'll do this for
. me")
BFN -- bye for now
BM -- byte me
BOL -- best of luck
BRB -- be right back
BTW -- by the way
BWK -- big wet kiss (always meant as a slight -- or
. greater -- derision)
BYO -- bring your own
CRS -- can't remember "$hit"
CU Soon -- see you soon
CU2 -- see you too
CU@ -- see you at ...
CUL -- see you later
CUL8R -- see you later
CYA -- cover our "a$$"
DNC -- does not compute ("you are making no sense!")
doh -- See: BF
FAQ -- frequently asked (and answered) questions
foo/foobar -- one variable is foo; another variable is foobar
. (following math usage bar means "not"; i.e., two
. distinct instances; also, a play on words with
. "FUBAR")
FUBAR -- "fouled" up beyond all recognition
FUD -- fear, uncertainty, doubt (disinformation)
FWIW -- for what it's worth
FYI -- for your information
GMTA -- great minds think alike
HTH -- hope this helps
IIRC -- if I remember correctly
IMAO -- in my arrogant opinion
IMHO -- in my humble opinion
IMNSHO -- in my not so humble opinion
IMO -- in my opinion
IOW -- in other words
IRL -- in real life
KMA -- kiss my "grits"
L8R -- later
LMAO -- laughing my "a$$" off
LOL -- laughing out loud
MDH -- my dear husband
MDW -- my dear wife
NBD -- no big deal
NFW -- no "forkin'" way
NOYB -- none of your business
NSAID -- non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug -- e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxin, oxaprozin
NSFW -- not safe for workplace (viewing; warning: sexual
. or repulsive content)
O+O -- over & out (goodbye)
OMG -- oh my "gullibility"
OP -- original poster (starter of the current discussion thread)
OT -- off topic
OTOH -- on the other hand
PITA -- pain in the "a$$"
QED -- quod erat demonstrandum (Latin; therefore, it
. has been demonstrated -- as in a formal
. mathematical proof)
QEF -- quad erat faciendum (Latin; therefore, it has
. been shown -- as in a geometric demonstration --
. not as iron-clad as a proof)
ROFLMAO -- rolling on floor laughing my "a$$" off
ROTFL -- rolling on the floor laughing
RSN -- real soon now (probably, not in your lifetime)
RTFM -- read the "friggin'" manual (matter at hand)
RU -- are you
SNAFU -- situation normal, all "fouled" up
SO -- significant other
SOL -- "$hit" outta luck
SSDD -- same "$h1t", different day
TIA -- thanks in advance
TLA -- three letter acronym (recursive!)
TMI -- too much information
TPTB -- the powers that be
TTFN -- ta-ta for now
U -- you
UOK -- are you OK?
VNP -- Vulcan nerve pinch (CTRL-ALT-DEL; reboot; start
. over)
W/ -- with
W/O -- without
WFM -- works for me (I'm in agreement)
WIIFM -- what's in it for me
WRT -- with respect to
WTF -- what the "f@ck" ("how can this be?")
WTF,O -- what the "f@ck", over (your point or message is
. obtuse, at best, indecipherable, at worst; are
. you processing, at all)
WTG -- way to go
WTH -- what the "he11"
WYSIWYG -- what you see is what you get
XO -- hug and kiss
XOR -- eXclusive OR. Boolean evaluation where only one
. of the alternatives may be TRUE; NOT both.
XOXO -- hugs and kisses
YMMV -- your mileage may vary (your results may differ
. from the ones I've just described)
YMWV -- your mileage will vary (likely, your results
. will differ from the ones I've just described)

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