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69 Days And Still Working on It! (and some other boring ramblings)

Monday, May 13, 2013

69 days until vacation. I can hardly wait! 69 days left with my personal challenge to be the best I can be and focus on my health and the things in my life that are really important to me. Some days are still better than others, but I am getting better at recognizing that negative voice and banishing it from my thoughts. I'm moving more, drinking more water and not skipping meals. (for the most part). I'm practicing getting rid of negative thinking and practicing being kind to myself.
My daughter worked really hard to try to make yesterday a special day for me. Her thoughtfulness touched me and while I am always grateful, I was moved by her gestures yesterday. One day last week she had my sister take her out. I figured she had asked her to take her to get a mother's day present. I was right -- but DD had a plan.
Yesterday afternoon she asked me to come upstairs to the playroom. I followed and when I opened the door I was greeted by purple and red streamers and balloons. She had covered the chair with a throw and made me a crown so I could sit upon my throne. There were even presents. A couple things she had picked up at the store with my sister, but also a stack of cards and notes she had made. My 10 yo wrote me a letter that brought tears to my eyes. She thanked me for being such a good mom, and told me that sometimes she knows she puts up a fight while I am trying so hard. She thanked me for working hard to take care of her and for always being there when she needed me. After the letter I was given a "goodie box". A box filled with little candies and toys she had picked up at the party store. Stickers, tattoos and all sorts of fun stuff. Cute.
We played board games and then she told me to pop the balloons she had decorated with. As I popped each balloon a rolled up index card was inside each one with a note she had written to me.
We talked, we laughed, we had a good time. Apparently there was more, from what I heard later, there was to be dancing and karaoke. But -- we took a party break and she went walking outside. She saw her uncle outside and went over to talk with him. He'd been doing some work outside and later I wandered over. My sister came home with my niece and three year old nephew and DD was outside playing with her cousin. They were swinging and having a great time. Finally it was getting dark out, so I told DD to come on and lets go home. Well, my nephew who was over on the swing called to her, wanting ONE MORE push on the swing. We have all learned when kids are playing and someone says, "ONE MORE TIME" that is really the cue to pack it up and call it a day, because only bad things happen after those words are uttered. So, as it was getting dusky dark, my DD started trotting across the yard to the swing, when her feet got tangled up in something, she tripped, started to fall over a rake hopped over to hit herself in the shins on another handle. Well, that one was a pitchfork and it popped off the ground, and in coming back down got her in the top of the foot. It could have been worse, at least it hadn't been in a position where she could have stepped on it, but it came down perfectly onto her foot giving a nice puncture wound.
My sister and I get her in the house and into the bathroom to clean it up and assess the damage. My sister scrubbing my daughter down, blood running into the sink, wondering out loud WHY in the world her husband, who KNEW BETTER, would have EVER left a PITCHFORK in the yard in the first place.
We get DD cleaned up, the bleeding has stopped for the most part, so we bandage her up and then my BIL, who I guess was feeling guilty, asked DD if she wanted to go get Mexican for dinner, he'd buy. She thought that sounded okay, so off we go, and she said although it hurt, it wasn't too bad. About half an hour later though, her foot and leg is swollen, her toes are red and swollen and her foot is turning black and blue. Another half hour and she's crying. I take her home, give her some Tylenol and put new bandages on. (Then of course I did the phone a friend where I do the panic mom bit asking if I should take her on to the E.R. or if it could wait til know, the kind of thing that you really already know the answers, you just need someone else to tell you that you are doing things right! LOL!)
I watched the wound carefully, for a while, and then when it seemed incredibly swollen and awfully black, I called the doctor. He said to bring her in Monday and he would give it a look as well as give her a tetanus shot, unless of course if it changed or things seemed to get worse.
She slept fitfully and once, sometime in the wee hours of the morning she just said, "I never should have gone over there to see Uncle Donnie!" I told her she couldn't think like that. Accidents happen. She said she guessed she was glad it happened to her and not her cousin. Then she said, "But I had more stuff planned for mother's day! I was supposed to be pampering YOU today not you having to take care of my foot!!"
She was a trooper about the foot though, we bandaged it, covered it in a sock and she hobbled off to school .
Actually, I guess BIL is SORT OF off the hook. It seems that when he was done with the rake and pitchfork, he took them and put them by his truck, (all pointy parts down, just like you are supposed to) and went on to start another chore. Wellll, three year olds being what they are, he went behind his dad, picked them up and put them BACK where his dad had been using them. Good thing he didn't get hurt on them in the process, but unfortunately, BIL also didn't notice that they had been put back in the yard. Oh well..things happen. DD was more upset at not finishing her planned mother's day celebration -- oh, then that took a backseat to knowing she had to get a shot today.
This weekend I am grateful for time spent with my daughter, and grateful that she didn't step ON the pitchfork, or it would have been worse. (although I am amazed at the sheer talent it takes to trip on one, pop it off the ground and have it come back and spear you in the top of the foot...)
I'm grateful for being able to visit my mother on mother's day, but also the ability to visit her whenever I wish, as she is close by.
I'm grateful for my ability to renew the promises I've made to myself to take better care of me. I'm grateful that I have the ability to move and exercise.
So now it's on to a new week -- and new ways to appreciate life and to continue on the journey to health and wellness.
Have a great week!

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
BATMAN_FOREVER 5/14/2013 9:13AM

    Kisses to the little ones and hugs for you. Good memories are fantastic for motivation. I'm proud that you're working on identifying your negative voice and shutting it down. This is something I work on a lot too. I love you lots! emoticon emoticon

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MALEXANDER4 5/13/2013 3:19PM

    Wow queen for a day. who can beat that. I'm so proud of Alexis and all that she does to show you how much you mean to her on a day to day basis. funny how sometimes us single moms feel all the crunch and none of the hugs. she sure showed you many hugs. happy belated mothers day my friend.

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BAMAROSE 5/13/2013 2:23PM

    Your daughter sounds like such a sweetheart! Hope she heals up soon.

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    Wow - your daughter sounds like a gem! I hope you enjoyed the royal treatment - even if it was only for a while. Seems like you have a pretty nice setup - being close to family - nice!

When you get a chance - see if your daughter will give you a raincheck - I'd love to learn how the rest of your day would have gone. Come on Mom - it would be fun!

Hope she gets better soon!


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WALLAHALLA 5/13/2013 1:14PM

    That adventure will be a Mother's Day memory for years to come!

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