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Here we go again... for good it seems (but offline) or Finding the key to make it last

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello sparkpeople and friends

Well you might ask yourself what happened to me since August. Well, I did 3 weeks of Body Revolution and then I basically stopped.

About a month ago I was fed up. My inner thighs rubbing against each other when walking, feeling sluggish, down (also due to the wintery weather way into March and April) and frankly fed up with myself and my inactivity.

I sat down and I asked myself: What do I need to change to what I did the last two times I attempted a healthy lifestyle?

The answer, after a lot of thinking: Less online tracking, because I never stay with it. I tracked for a few weeks in the past (which is enough according to Jillian Michaels, if you remember how many calories your usual meals have) so I know that the fat and sugar levels need to decrease and the protein and fiber intake needs to go up. I also need to start exercising and be more active again.

So therefore, I am not tracking now. I made myself a template in Open Office and printed it several times.

I note my exercises (and notes about it), my 3 meals, my snacking and drinking habits, feelings/thoughts/note on my exercise, healt or eating habits and anything else I want to add (inspirational quotes, thoughts, general remarks etc.). I've noticed that I had no problems in the last 2 weeks and 2 days that I am back on it, to scribble the paper full after each meal. I don't write it down with calories and all (because tracking every food and adding new products annoyed me on sparkpeople and was always the first thing I would discontinue doing and then my disappointment kind of derailed me), but I describe the meals with ingredients.

I am NOT saying I don't think the trackers on SPARKPEOPLE are not good, I think they are brilliant! I am even thinking of coming back tracking my fitness on here additionally, do a challenge again or whatever... But not the food! But in order to get on track, for now it needs to be be me, my spreadsheet and Jillian Michaels' "30 day shred" and a motivational "30 day shred group" on Facebook, plus a workout buddy from the same group that is also somewhere around day 13. Yes you see, I am well on it, I am almost halfway through the Shred and definetely feeling, and slowly seeing the change!

This is what I PMed to said buddy today (excerpt):

"Hi XX


I will be doing the 4th day into level 2 tonight. [...]

I am very grateful to leave level 1 behind me. I find all the jumping around annoying, as I have very delicate (ok ok weak) ankles and all the jumping got the me the last 3 days of level 2. I did the shred in 2010 (March) and I do remember now liking level 2 better as well. It is very hard, and I have to do the modified versions in order to take the impact of, but I am working up a good sweat and am trying to give it all where I can.

I am in my late 20s (29 in October) and I've always been thin, with curves in the right spots and never had to watch my eating until 25. So I was a lazy bone most of my teenage years and as a young adult, apart from hiking I didn't do much. Since turning 26 or so I've gained 8 kg, which for my Indian body is a lot of weight and my whole metabolism has changed. A lot of women I've talked to in my surroundings have mentioned, they had the same thing (some of them twice, around their mid 20s and then later again with menopause). I find that interesting.

I am trying to eat more sensibly and eat slowly and really listen to my body and to stop when I'm full. I also have started to try to stay active after a meal instead of passing out on the couch. I have an active, motivational, and loving partner, and he is really supporting me and pushing me (yesterday I nearly didn't work out, but he made me, lol I owe him). He loves healthy food and going outside so I am pushing him to push me. We will be living together from summer on (he bought a small house) and so I hope the cooking healthy for two and going outside regularly with him, will add to my healthy routine. I find it hard to stick with it over the long run. I've been trying on and of for 3 years now.


This summarises well, where I am at at the moment.

I feel very good, I sleep better, I feel happier, calmer/anxiety free (I have job-wise quite an uncertain future and will have to find a new job which really had me awake at night panicking). I can move longer, I am more motivated to do so, I enjoy the healthy foods as long as I don't have to log them in by calorie, but I can and make myself write down quickly what I consume. And I do love Jillian Michaels, her videos and podcasts and books really help!

I will post on here irregularly and only if I have time on my hand. For the rest, as I said: It will be me, away from Sparkpeople (apart from the Facebook site), but taking everything I've learned on here and taking all the motivation, kind words and good imput this Site has been and is providing me with!

Lots of love,

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    You go, Maria! Being mindful is so key and you're on the right track. Knowing what's best for you--well done! Keep us posted on your progress--we're here to cheer you on!
    1619 days ago
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