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Monday Assortment

Monday, May 13, 2013

Customer: There are smoke and flames coming from my computer.

Tech support: Uh, hang up, unplug the computer from the wall, and call the local fire department.

Customer: That’s not the problem. I need to know how to do a backup. Fastest possible method.

-actual tech support call
How much oxygen—percentage-wise—is in the air we inhale? How much is in the air we exhale?

Inhale, about 21 percent; exhale, about 16 percent.

Actress Whitney Blake (best known for playing Mrs. Baxter on the 1950s sitcom Hazel) became a TV writer in the 1970s. Her biggest success: cocreating the CBS sitcom One Day at a Time. She based it on her own experiences as a divorced single mother raising a teenage daughter. (Blake’s daughter: future Family Ties star Meredith Baxter.)
Conan O’Brien’s mother helped found and develop the Peace Corps.
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