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Monday, May 13, 2013

An old lady passes away and finds herself in St.Peters office with him ready to fill in her entry documents.

She's answering all his questions when this ear splitting scream is heard from next door. old woman jumps up and says

“What in heaven's name was that'?” Mary asks, Peter says “Relax Mary, its just another soul getting the holes drilled in her back for her angels wings”

So they carry on. After a few minutes, another blood curdling scream is heard. Mary was now scared and says “Whats happening to that poor woman now?”

Peter says “Mary, relax,they're just drilling holes in her head for her golden halo.”

“Oh No” says Mary “If I knew it was going to be as sore as that I would have gone down below'”.

Peter said “Mary, you would not be happy down there, that place is full of rapists and sodomites'.

“I know that” said Mary “But I already have those holes drilled”

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