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Mud on the Mountain 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Distance: 7.77 miles
Obstacles: 26
Elevation at start: 2,535 feet
Elevation gain: 1,063 feet
Location: Seven Springs Resort - Seven Springs, PA
Start Time: 8:00 (with heats running ever 15 mins until 12:00)

I set a goal. I was going to be ready to do this race. I met that goal. I completed 23/26 obstacles. My time was 3 hours and 45 mins.

My start time was at 9:00 and I wanted to get there early, get checked in, get to where i needed to be with lots of time so I didn't feel rushed or stressed. I woke up at 4:00. I had my tea, took a shower (who showers before a mud race anyway?) and had some breakfast. I was ready to go at 5:30. My boyfriend and my Dad came along.

I made up my mind I wasn't running. I was going to walk at a brisk pace, but running would take too much out of me, and I had a long way to go. The first obstacle was a HUGE hill we had to hike up. I went at a good steady pace. There were several guys that passed me running, but then I passed them half way up! By the time i got to the top, I was a bit winded, but ok. The first obstacle was a wall we had to climb up. It was cool because there were two guys there, who pretty much threw me over it like I was nothing... that was pretty cool! Not only did they pick me up, but they helped me. Then we walked in the woods for a little bit, and came to a hill we had to walk down... covered in mud! About half way down, i fell flat on my back, and slid the rest of the way... it was pretty neat!!

The next obstacle was called the Cheese Grater... it was pretty much a huge slip and slide! It was awesome! In fact, I could have done that obstacle all day long! Then after that, we had to hike up another hill, then... another one, but this one was very steep, and nothing but mud! They had ropes you used to pull yourself up because you couldn't get any traction!

After walking a little ways... the next obstacle was a crawl under barbed wire... of course through a mud pit! It wasn't hard per say, but it hurt like a $^#& because of all of the rocks in the mud! My arms are scraped up pretty bad from this obstacle and a few others!

Then into a 50 degree pond for a swim under some barrels. Did I mention that it was only 56 degrees out, and pouring down rain? And windy?

The next obstacle was one of my favorites... it is called Pole Land.

(picture it covered in mud and soaking wet)
I loved the obstacle. It was great!

Next we had to climb over some big rocks, walk through a bunch of muck, and then some tires like the football players do

Yes, that is me!

The next three obstacles are the ones I couldn't do. I tired them, but... it didn't work out. The first one was a cave they constructed. I had to crawl through it, but as I went to go, I felt my chest start to get tight. I am scared of small, enclosed, dark places! Then there were monkey bars over a big mud/water pit. I jumped up, but my hand slipped off. I tried it again, but I couldn't get a grip. It was raining, and I just couldn't get a hold. Then, there was a big wall to climb up. It had "steps" but they were spaced too far apart, and I lacked the upper body strength to pull myself.

They had a cargo net strung over some HUGE industrial plastic pipe and we had to climb over it. I liked that obstacle too. It was fun! Then more crawling through mud on my stomach... then though another part of the lake, which i SWEAR was colder than the last one! Over more rocks and then a HUGE wall in the middle of it all? Lucky for me there were a few big guys to help me! When I got over, I heard people screaming... I found out why! There was a HUGE hill to walk DOWN! Not too bad except for the fact the only way to really get down it was to slid on your butt because it was nothing but mud... not too bad until you consider all of the rocks mixed in. Lets just say a few parts of my anatomy are still hurting!

The next obstacle was fun too. It was a wall, and you had to walk on the ledge... i felt like i was in a spy movie, tip toeing on this ledge. At the end you had to jump and I did, and went flat on my bum in a huge, cold mud puddle! Then another huge hill to go down on my backside. OUCH!!!

next was the obstacle my trainer thought would give me the most difficulty, but it didn't.
This pic is from their fb page, and it is from November's race, but you get the idea

then the next one... you had to pick up a log, and carry it up the hill, then back down. Of course the hill was mud, and getting traction was hard! I liked it too.

This was about mile 6 - so I only had 1.77 miles to go. The next obstacle was another HUGE hill, but it was a long one. It was almost a mile long. The good thing is, I conditioned myself for this. I made it to the top winded but ok. There were a few more pipes to crawl through, and another wall to go over... then I could see the finish line. the only thing standing between me and the finish line was another huge... SNOW covered hill to walk DOWN! As many of you know... walking down a slippery hill is a lot harder than walking up it. I eased my way down, then up over another little snow covered hump, then slid down on my bum to the finish line!!

It was a great race, and in the coming days I hope to have more pics to post, but the camera got wet and quit working...

I am still on a high from this!
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  • HINK2013
    Way to go!!! You are inspiring me to maybe try something like that one day :-)

    1773 days ago
    You are awesome!! emoticon emoticon
    1773 days ago
    That's great!
    1773 days ago
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