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BLC18 WUB #4

Monday, May 13, 2013

I am so behind this week/weekend. The one really positive thing I have to report is that... *drumroll please*...

emoticon I exercised for 399 minutes this week (cardio only in tally). emoticon

That makes me sooooo happy. The other thing I am especially proud of this week is that kickball has officially started for me as of Saturday. Although this was technically our third weekend playing, I missed the first 2 weekends because I was super sick. Then, the next two weekends were rained out... which was fine, because it actually gave me extra time to recuperate and start running. Thank goodness I did start running, because I ran my tail off yesterday.

So, as officially the fattest person on the league and the heaviest by far on my team... I did pretty well. Seriously. I'm not ashamed of my effort. I put in 150%, was constantly hustling, made it to first base three times (ok, so not past that), and even got two guys out, once at first and another at home. We rotate positions, and I played first, third, and catcher. I actually loved third. Why? Because I was constantly moving! Most people kick toward third, so I got most of my workout chasing foul balls and trying to catch our opponents' kicks. Honestly, it was a blast. We played a double-header, and although we lost both games, I can honestly say it wasn't for a lack of trying, at least on my part. I gave it everything I could and I am paying for it now in shin splints and hip pain.

So, today I took it "easy". LOL. I gardened for about 3.5 hours. I ripped up 75% of the sod in the front yard, planted tons of bulbs and seed, hauled mulch, and moved bricks and stone. However, most of the day I was sitting and tearing the sod (the yard is on a steep, steep incline and the only way to safely remove the grass is from a sitting position). This gave my poor shins and hips a bit of a break from high impact, but oh did my shoulders and arms get a tremendous workout today!

Tomorrow, provided I'm sufficiently healed, it's off to Zumba. That was my other new thing this week: on Monday I tried a 1-hour Zumba class. To my astonishment, I lasted the whole class but it MURDERED my quads for several days. If my shin splints and hips are better, I'm going to tackle Zumba again because I'm definitely rotating through my muscle groups at this rate!

So, fitness-wise, I had a killer week and I'm excited to keep this momentum going. 6.65 hours of cardio this week! I'm pumped. So, are you ready for the bad news?

I don't know what my body is doing. It's retaining more water. I'm drinking a ton of water now, 10-12 cups daily, but I'll try upping it. So, at the end of BLC Week 1 I weighed 268.7. Cool! What did I weigh this morning? 278. 2-7-8. Jiminy Christmas. WTH is going on?

It has to be water. Yes, it's water. I know it's water. It's not possible what I'm eating. I am burning enough calories for what I eat. I'm not eating super salty foods. It's gotta be a combination of the increased sweating this week and starvation mode. I think my metabolism has simply shut down. I'm not losing weight at all, and I'm actually gaining water. I hate my body's ultra-efficiency at times like these. Please, body, lose fat. Please. I'm begging you.

I'm going to keep pushing myself. I may not be losing any fat, but by golly I'm getting fitter by the day. I love seeing the new things I can do. And, after all, I did promise myself that this was about being healthier and fitter, and not about losing weight. I know I said that, and I really did mean it. It's just... times like these it's so, so, so, so hard. I never expect my weight loss to be commensurate with my input-output. But, I do expect to lose SOMETHING. This is kind of brutal, to be honest. I need to try to ignore it and just keep pushing through. This is about health. This is about fitness. This is about ME. Breathe.

So, to wrap up, let's recap my goals for the week and see what I need to focus on for Week 5:

emoticon 1) Get all weekly challenge points for Week 3. -- No, I didn't get my Bootcamp-style workout #3 in. It's been a difficulty finding places to do it.

emoticon 2) SLEEP! At least 7 hours each night. For real, this time. -- Well done.

emoticon 3) Make a smoothie every day. -- No, but there were days I traded off the calories for something else so I consider it acceptable. I got sufficient veg and fruit each day this week.

emoticon 4) Walk at least 7 miles this week. -- YAY! I walked 8.2 miles total this week.

emoticon 5) Do SOMETHING in the garden (very open-ended) -- Done! And then some. :)

emoticon 6) Play kickball next Saturday! -- Yes! Double-header.

emoticon 7) Go stair running at least once. -- No, didn't do this week. :(

emoticon 6) Climb at least 15 flights of stairs. -- I stalled out at 8 flights this week. Of course, I don't count the stairs at home. I should be more specific. I mean 15 flights of stairs at work.

emoticon 8) Go to the gym at least once. -- Yes, for Zumba on Monday and I did the elliptical after Zumba for 15 min. I had an asthma attack, though, and haven't been back. I see my doctor about the asthma attack on Wednesday. In the meantime, my husband is now home and has his rescue inhaler with him so if I decide to go to Zumba tomorrow, I can take his inhaler. Haven't had asthma problems in awhile, but I also haven't worked out this much in a really long time!!

emoticon 9) Get at least 250 mins of cardio this week. -- DONE! 399 minutes!!!!!

emoticon 10) Eat protein at every meal. Continue to calorie cycle. -- Been hitting the protein, am struggling with calorie cycling. Also did not manage to go low carb this week. My diet has been difficult. Don't get me wrong - I eat well. Lots of lean protein, veg, fruit, whole grains. But, I think I'm eating the wrong proportions of things (problem #1) and I think I'm eating too little (problem #2). I will be exploring this more on my other blog and trying to strategize. I'm just struggling to alter my diet drastically for several reasons.

So, overall a pretty decent Week 4 other than the lack of weight loss and the gain of water or whatever weight. I'm keeping the same goals for Week 5.

Have a stellar week, everyone!!!
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    399 fitness minutes! That's just incredible! Keep it going, and eventually you WILL find what your body needs you to do. Regardless, this sounds like a great week!
    1624 days ago
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