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Sunday's Maintenance Musings

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today is Sunday, and Mothers' Day. Mothers' Day can be difficult for me, and I tend to do best when I treat it like any other Sunday. So . . . no more about the holiday. It's Sunday.

Last night I had the social dinner with church friends I blogged about in advance. I didn't make the best decisions I could have, but I made better decisions than I would have without thinking it through in advance. I ended the day in range, but probably underestimated the calories in the dinner. This morning I weighed in at 163.4, over my desired top weight of 163. I'm not terribly worried about that, yet. It should correct in a few days with normal eating.

Normal eating . . . I didn't count on there being more dessert than I brought. The mixed berry pie that I had at dinner was delicious, but its existence meant not as much pecan pie was consumed as I had hoped. I managed to send part of a pie home with one couple, but one pie came home with me, too. I couldn't just pitch it, so Plan B is to work one piece a day into the plan. I had a piece today, and came in right about where I normally would for the calorie range today. And today I'm eating familiar stuff with known nutritional quantities.

With the eating being what it is, today was a good day for a run. The sore leg felt almost normal, but only "almost." So it was still intervals. The leg felt good enough that I increased from 4/1 intervals to 5/1, but I held the total time to 30 minutes. This effectivey gives me 25 minutes of running time instead of the 24 I had with 4/1 intervals. I was thinking that if I can run 25 minutes, I can run the entire 3.5 mile Corporate Challenge a week from Tuesday. Last year I finished just under 24 minutes, but I can't count on beating that time this year.

Today's 30 minutes of run 5, walk 1 came out to 4.07 miles, for an average pace of 7:22 per mile. That's close to the same average pace I had a week ago, but today I had less favorable weather. Temp was 51°F, with 31 mph SSW wind. I'm pretty sure I lost more speed running into the wind than I gained from the periods with the wind at my back. But it was a good outing in any case.

I had dithered about the run, because the grass needed mowing. I ended up deciding to run first, on the "put the big rocks in first" theory. After the intervals, the sore leg had a weak spot. So I stretched, and took my sweet time gearing up to mow the lawn. Reminded myself of the "run slower" mantra to avoid injury, and set out to mow the lawn in such a way that I wasn't working any harder than I had to. After all, mowing is not exercise as I track things.

I got through 50 minutes of mowing and had to stop. But it wasn't because of the leg. It has started raining. And I have an electric mower. It didn't take long to make the decision to put things away. Turned out it was just a light passing shower, and I could have waited it out. But the forecast is for increasing showers this evening, and I got the part of the yard that visible from the street done. I'll live with a stretch of back yard that's very hard to mow next time. I'd like to just touch it up tomorrow evening, but there's rain in the forecast. Most likely, I'll get to it the next dry day that the rest of the lawn needs mowing.

Oh, well. At least it won't be the whole lawn going twice as long as it should between mowings.

It's been a good day. Now I need to complete the good day by getting to bed early, because I was up past midnight last night for the first time in I don't remember how long. I was fine this morning, but now it's early evening and I'm beginning to feel a need to make up for lost sleep.

Such is the stuff that maintenance is made of. Nutrition challenges and adjustments, fitness adjustments, and adjustments to get enough rest.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Push the pie off on co-workers?
    1653 days ago
    Sounds like the social event went well even if you had
    to take pie home.
    Running before mowing was a smart move.
    As for the rest of the lawn, it will still be there tomorrow.
    Get some sleep.
    1654 days ago
    FYI, your nephew has gone with an electric mower, and I sent him home to go finish his yard. He had to interrupt his mowing as his mower is new and isn't up to full battery capacity yet. With how long his backyard had got, it ran out of juice and needed the battery to charge midway through. Which was OK by me, because it meant I got a visit.

    Rest well, and have a good, balanced week.
    1654 days ago
    Thank you for your blunt honesty. It is refreshing to say the least.
    1654 days ago
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