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another week over - knee pain :(

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thank you ALEXSGIRL1 from your comment on my last blog post!
I'll have to look for some of those knee strengthening exercises, they are still sore.

The thing is I normally have good/healthy knees but now I've been so stupid and hurt them :( With that darn Smith machine. I have read that the definition of stupid is doing same things over and over and expecting different results, and that's me when it comes to smith machine.

I keep reading about squatting and lunging, how great they are and would love to do them myself but my gym does not have squat rack that would allow that, only that smith machine. So occasionally I try squatting and lunging with it... and end up having aches and pains. I've experimented with lot of variations and noticed that when I keep the weights low the stationary lunge in Smith does not cause any pain or discomfort. I then got a "genious" idea to use that exercise but start adding lot more weights in relatively short period of time. I literally bumped the weights from about 20 kilos to 55 kilos... and started to have knee pain: mild at first. I stupidly continued that move twice a week for couple of weeks and the knees started to be worse until I couldn't ignore them and I realized the pain had started about the same time that I started to use heavy weights on that exercise.

I also started to try sprinting resently, but I think the pain started before my first try to sprint. I have only been sprinting 2 or 3 times, and while I am quite positive that did not originally cause the knee pain, I think it might have contributed to it.

So... I will take things more slowly for now. No sprinting or jumping, avoiding smith machine (for ever!) and lunges (for now) and see how the knees heal.

I was at the gym yesterday (Sat) and did otherwie a normal whole body weight training routine. I used leg press. No pain or discomfort, but today (Sun) the knees feel a lightly worse again. I started them with lighter weight but since they felt fine asdded more weights. That might have been a mistake.

Likewise the lunges in that smith machine that I suspect cause the knee problems in the first place. I felt no pain or discomfort what so ever WHILE doin the exercise, which make it difficult to pin point what causes the pain.

It's not a BAD pain but definitely not normal and I am getting a bit worried. I do NOT want long term knee problems!

I guess my best plan is to stop even thinking about sprinting for now, same with plyometrics. I think it would also be best to use at least temporarily less weights on leg press and swim more, maybe twise a week instead of once like I have been.

This week I unfortunately didn't make it to the pool at all.

I tried spinting this week's Wed but my front thigh felt like it could be easily pulled or hurt so that was not a real spinting and I stopped as soon as I noticed my thight was not feeling normal.
I did one yoga session, biked 8 kilometers and went to the gym 2 times plus walked 3 times this week.

Weight was up about 1 kilo but that might be from "that time of the month" and I will re-weight myself on next Tuesday.

Diet is ok, I have been trying to eat more salads, making at least one big batch of salad per week (2-3 day's worth) and am also re-starting to put fresh veggies on my sandwiches.

The pea protein isolate is ok, it has a pea-like taste and takes a little effort to make the tatste camouflaged in smoothies.

I have been diligently taking MSM suplement, but have not really noticed any effects. I am HOPING it would make my hair grow faster and would make my skin better and would heal my back pain.

Here's to a better health!
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    I am glad you are diligent and taking it easy in regards to your knee pain. I used to be very stiff and then started p90x . I had some new pains and believe it or not they were lessened with the plyometric in p90x. now when I don't use my legs for walking because I stand at my job 24-7 except up and down 34 stairs every break and lunch and a few more times I have some pain. also I have to be careful I don't overdue on the leg press because I get ankle shin pain. I think we will both do better by mixing it up an taking it easy. and doing our leg exercises. hugs and here is to quick healing
    1750 days ago
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