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Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today is a day to celebrate the mothers in our lives! We should thank them for giving life to us and for those that adopted, we should be thankful for them raising us! We should be thankful that there are mothers out there doing the hard work while getting paid in nothing but the joy that they will one day have the bathroom to themselves again one day!

The kids brought me breakfast in bed this morning, or at least the one that was awake at 7:30. I think my husband enjoys doing that because I'm nearly always up and wanting to be about when he realizes I'm ready for the day and makes me go back to bed. I had him go back twice to make my yogurt right today though because I wanted mixed berries this morning and, for the life of him, he couldn't figure out that I had them frozen in the little freezer. I ended up with sliced strawberries in it too. He tries and I love him for it.

My daughter made me a card at school all about why she loves me and some of it was about how I interact with her and two of the thought were about cake. I know I make good cake, but thought it was funny that she loves them so much she had to mention it twice, although the second one was about the pretty flowers I make on the cupcakes.

We're going over to my mother's house today to start getting that garden ready. Apparently she's started it already and she thought it weird for us to want to come over on a day that's supposed to be celebrating me, but I guess when one has a selfish daughter, it's confusing when the other is selfless.

I got the kids some gardening gloves so they won't get as dirty under their nails when they come out to help us plant. I figure if it's a family affair, then it's more worth it when we reap the benefits of the crop at the harvest. I just hope the animals don't eat the whole crop, mom lives far enough out that there are plenty of deer, muskrats, rabbits, cats, and other creatures running around the backyard (wild turkeys too!).

My balcony garden is starting to show signs of growing, despite the cold weather (but it's supposed to hit 90 on tuesday! I miss Spring!). The corn was the first to show it's pointy head, then the peas and my purple beans showed up. The potatoes are poking out the top already on two of the three sides and one of my tomatoes just showed up. I'm just waiting for the other tomato and my peppers to sprout.

Later today, at Mom's house, we'll be having dinner (tacos) and Dad got us an ice cream cake (although I think it might have just been an excuse for Culver's ice cream cake). I'm glad that Dad has been trying to start a relationship with me after all those years of just going to work and occasionally growling at us if we didn't listen to mom enough. It may be slow coming, but I appreciate the attempt all the more now.

Today's holidays: Fatigue Syndrome day (it might simply be because you're a mom and haven't slept in 18 years or because you're deficient in something or hormones are off), World Fair Trade Day (some people are still being paid pennies a day for your cheap stuff), Limerick Day (There was an old lady from Nantucket... oh wait, this is a clean forum...), International Nurse's Day/Florence Nightengales's Birthday, and National Nutty Fudge Day (I wonder if that was planned so husbands everywhere would get their wives some good chocolate on Mother's day?).
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