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Sunday, May 12, 2013

I have this friend, let's call her Abby (name has been changed to protect her identity and so I don't get in trouble), anyway, she lost weight by watching her calories in/out and really working on herself.

After she had lost 30 pounds she was introduced to a program that could help her lose the last few pounds and also could generate income for her if she became a consultant.

Once she started the protein shakes she started telling her friends that it helped her lose the weight - and she wanted us all to jump on board. Well, besides being expensive ($60-250/month) and having to get the product thru her - I knew the truth - that she really lost all but the last few pounds on her own and it had nothing to do with this product. Being a good friend and wanting to support her, I didn't call her out on it.

I let the others believe what she said. I even sent off for a "sample" that included some protein powder and two little packets of powder for "optimal health" that you are supposed to just open and put on your tongue and swallow. Well, it never lists the ingredients on any of the literature or on the package itself and I'm sorry, but if you are targeting a demographic that wants "optimal health" then you should appeal to their nature by listing all your ingredients because they will want to know that information....duh!
Sorry, ranting....

Okay, so I try the protein shake - vanilla powder mixed with 8 ounces of milk. Not impressed. The flavor is about average for a protein shake. She asked me via FB how I liked it and I was honest - that I was not impressed. Her response was "well, I am sorry you feel that way but you really need to use it more than once to see a difference". I then explained that it was the taste of the drink that I was not impressed with, I wasn't even touching the supposed health benefits. She hasn't replied and I guess I lost a friend because she can't handle the truth and I can't just keep my mouth shut or lie and say "oh yes, it tastes really great, I am thinking of buying more". Of course, you are probably thinking that if she dumps me for not buying her product then maybe I am better off not having her as a friend, you are probably right.

If you are still reading....thankyou....let the rant continue!

If you are selling a product you need to know why it is better than any other product out there and be able to back up your claims! If you want to make a sell then you have to have done the research and know your facts. I don't care if it helped you or your Aunt Judy, I want more statistics before I believe whatever you want to tell me. I also have a problem with promoting your product with so much spunk just because you feel duped and want to dupe others for a profit so you don't feel as duped.

I think I will just stick to the protein powder I can buy at the store for $20 - it lasts me and my mom around 2 months or more depending on our frequency of use.
Whew, sorry for the rant guys. Thanks for reading and hope I didn't alienate all my Spark friends.
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    There is nothing wrong with ranting if you are 100% right! Which you are. It's hard to keep lifelong friends because people change. I have a few who I treasure. You of course have to know what's going into your mouth, and you should not be forced to buy something on the basis of a friendship. See what happens a few months from now.

    DeAnne, Missourians Team
    1769 days ago
    Any friend selling something, is a friend to avoid. To call you out on fb was her fault- trying to push you into helping her sale, she should have phoned you first, then she wouldn't have been publicly angered by your honesty.
    Your better off without her- maybe when she stops selling her overpriced protien powder, she'll call you up and apologize. Until then, sounds like your better off with out her.
    Have a Great Week!
    1769 days ago
    always be true to yourself.... some people never learn this.
    1770 days ago

    I may look up that protein powder that you and your mom use, though. Thanks for that info.
    1770 days ago
    Your blog reminded me of just how shallow some people are... sad that your "friend" had/has the all or nothing attitude! Proud of you for standing up for yourself!!!

    Have a great day!
    1770 days ago
    Sorry you lost a "friend" but I have to agree with you. You need to know what you are putting in your body. And no one should ask a question if they can't take the truth. The only thing is you should've questioned her more so others wouldn't be duped as well.
    1770 days ago
  • SUZIEQ552
    What is the name brand of the protein powder you use. Where do you buy it. Have tried a few. The resent is very expensive but list good vitamins and supplement but thought when using skim milk chalky. So wanted a magic potion. ha.ha.. No short cut in this life.....
    1770 days ago
    Sorry for your friendship woes! I once had an old friend from college call me up and I was SO delighted to hear from her -- until I realized she was calling to sell me a diet program. When I said I'd think about it, she mumbled, "So can I call you again to follow up?" I said I really did not think I would be purchasing her product, but I would love to chat with her again. Haven't heard from her since.

    I'm glad you were honest with your friend. Maybe you could approach her honestly again and ask if you can still be friends without buying her product.


    1770 days ago
    Yowzers! Nice, nice rant! I think you are spot-on! If you want to be healthy you need to know what it is you are putting into your body.

    If you put out the question of 'didn't you just love?" on an open forum like Facebook, without discovering first what the answer will be, then you shouldn't be upset when someone tells you the truth, and your truthful answer may help others say the same thing, which they may have been thinking all along.

    I say good for you! And may the rants continue!

    1770 days ago
    1770 days ago
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