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Food and focus vs. my waistline: Is there a cure to a short attention span?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

If thereís one issue Iíve discovered that has come up over and over again as a challenge to my weight loss, itís a short attention span. One minute I am doing well, but the next Ö

ďOooo! Thereís something shiny!Ē

A few minutes later Ö

ďUh Ö what was I doing a moment ago?Ē

I scratch my head and think, ďWho knows. If it was important, Iíd remember.Ē

And most of my life, thatís what my weight-loss efforts have been like.

For the most part, SparkPeople has helped keep that phenomenon at bay.

And to that I have to say, ďthank goodness!Ē

Itís about time I do something a little more long term.

Iíve had my ups and my downs, thatís for certain, but I think that even with that, itís the first time that Iíve ever stuck through a single weight-loss effort, a single plan or whatever and not given up.

Itís funny, my first weight-loss effort as a teenager, well it was seriously misguided.

I remember boiling a potato for supper and making a bouillon gravy. First off, ewe. Bouillon gravy? Did I really know what I was doing?

And frankly, what on earth was I thinking? I guess I didnít like the idea of eating salad or something.

But I have to wonder, where were the vegetables? And I seem to recall considering myself a semi-vegetarian at that time for some reason because I wasnít eating meat or something, but had I not considered that the bouillon was made using meat? Apparently not.

Although, perhaps it wasnít. It could have been made in a laboratory and I wouldnít have known the difference.

It makes me laugh to think about.

And why on earth a potato? Who knows. Must have been some hanging around the kitchen.

That effort didnít last long, thank goodness. I donít know that I could have taken that for long.

Then thereís the really short-term weight-loss efforts that donít even last a whole day. I donít know how many times Iíve done that.

I did what I call the ďorganic dietĒ a while back and that was actually really good. It wasnít entirely organic, but for the most part it was. Each week I raided the organic section at Wegmanís and spent more money than I should have buying awesome and healthy foods.

Strangely enough, I noticed signs of my insulin resistance apparently decreasing when I did that effort, if what I have been told about a condition I have is anywhere near correct. Iíve heard multiple stories on that, so I guess I canít swear itís true. Hm. I wonder what Doctor Oz would say about my experience. I wonder if Iíll ever find out.

But now, itís hard for me to afford an organic diet, whether itís mostly organic or fully organic. I do the best I can.

But after reflecting on all my dietary efforts, I wonder, I do face moments when I wonder if I will be able to keep on Sparking.

One minute it seems like the easiest thing in the world, and the next -- probably due to my short attention span -- I think, "Yikes. I donít know how long I can do this."

After all, 232 pounds to lose (thatís the goal where I started) is a lot to lose. Iíve lost some of it, but not nearly enough to say itís time to stop. Frankly, I feel like Iíve just begun number wise.

I think part of what gets me is the constant need to track my food. I do it in advance for the week as my schedule allows and then shop for the food, cook it and eat it.

But Iím overwhelmed by the planning sometimes.

Will this food fill me up? I donít know.

Will this recipe put me over budget? Maybe.


So I think that maybe I need to come up with a plan.

I donít know if this will work, but since I do plan by the week, maybe I should just come up with a certain number of plans one day and file them away so that when I come to my next week I have a plan already made, and the next week after that, a plan already made all the way until who knows when. I could save the grouped foods, label them ďWeek 1Ē or ďWeek 2Ē and so forth.

Then I just plop them on my tracker as needed.

Maybe Iíll do that tomorrow. I donít know how long that will take though. Iíd probably have to get the calorie count for several of my recipes first and that would take some time.

But if I can plan perhaps enough to keep me going for a long time, maybe it will give me some reprieve. And maybe some surprise along the way as I might forget what Iíve planned for food for that particular week.

I like surprises Ė sometimes that is. Obviously, I like only the good ones. Who wouldnít?

Maybe I should plan for some nice little surprises along the way. I have to keep this whole thing fresh.

I know how I am.

Maybe I should find some ways to slip some out of the ordinary exercise in there too.

Sounds like a project.

I better get working!


Member Comments About This Blog Post:
DDOORN 5/13/2013 9:56AM

    Rather than focusing on "Will this food fill me up?" as I too am guilty of at times, I am trying to shift away toward: "What activity choices can I make in my life that will 'fill me up?'" I try to hold onto the thought that "hunger does not constitute an emergency!"


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SIMONEKP 5/12/2013 11:44AM

    pre-planning will definitely help

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SHAMROCKY2K 5/12/2013 10:17AM

    That's ambitious and a fabulous idea. What I like about tracking my food is that I can tell if my current eating trends are working. Eating oatmeal, for example is easy, super cheap and filling and versatile. I pair it with a little peanut butter and yogurt or applesauce.
Cute Blog... got to go.. a shiny thing is over there............

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ADARKARA 5/12/2013 9:10AM

    Menu plans are FABULOUS!!! (On a side note: I still love bouillon gravy, lol)

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DAWNSJOURNEY 5/12/2013 8:38AM

    I so understand where youre coming from.. I have an idea. don't know if it will help. I know this takes time but after I put my recipes in the calculator.. I print them out. I have a binder and those plastic protector sleeves.. I put recipes in back to back and then I add little notes on them. did we like it was it worth it.. Any special way I Think I might try next time.

Sometimes flipping through that is easier than always having to be looking on the computer.. Maybe find time to put in 3 or 4 a week one each day.. and build on that..

I have core recipes and then I have one to throw in for Variety . Something New is always good too I try that Once or twice a month..

Plans do help keep you focused and on budget !! What kinds of foods do you like. I might have a recipe for you try.. let me know . .I love to cook.. and have about 30 cookbooks to prove it..


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CHERIJ16 5/12/2013 12:23AM

    I like your idea about setting up some menu plans to use when you are busy or whatever. I have been thinking of doing that too. Right now I do it day to day. That works for me because I'm retired and have more time but it would be nice to have some basic meals to pull out as needed. emoticon

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