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Race Report

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yesterday I picked up my race package & they asked if I'd like to keep my swim time at 20 minutes. I said I'd like to change it to...I don't know 18 or 19. The lady writes down 18. I leave & decide to drive the bike section & then start freaking out....OMG what have I done?! To make 18 minutes I'll have to push myself to the MAX. OMG I forgot how many hills are included. WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Yoga breaths. I got this!!

I decided to go in on Race day & ask if I can change it to 19 as I feel it's to much pressure on me. Not a problem. Whew! Once that was changed I felt surprisingly calm.

So I set up my transition, chat with a few others, got body marked & listened to orientation. After orientation it's time to get to the pool. I walk in & it's sooo HOT & humid in there. Ugh. We then line up according to our swim time. I was going to be in a lane with 3 other girls & they were awesome. While we waited we chatted, laughed and was happy that none of us cared if they got passed or had to pass. Out of the 4 of us only 2 of us where doing the whole thing. The other 2 were on teams. I had a wave of..oh crap..this is happening moment. Yoga breaths & telling myself that it's not a race..just a training journey, really helped.

Swim - Time to start. I turn my watch on, run to lane, jump in & go. Lap 2 my goggles were fogged up so I didn't bother looking at my watch, but my counter was AWESOME!!! When I went to start a new lap he hollered...1/2 way done. I got passed a few times, which caused me lose atlitle time waiting at the end of lane. At one point I realized the one girl lapped me. LAPPED ME!!! OMG!!! I'm huffing & puffing, I feel I'm going faster than normal. I guess I was wrong. But I kept going. Then the counter hollered only 2 more laps. LAST LAP!!! I'm coming up the last length & one of the girls is swimming beside me. WTH!!! It throu me off abit then told myself I was seeing things. Go to jump out of the pool..Nope not seeing things, we jumped out together. I was very happy I made it out of the pool in one attempt.

I then crossed the swim exit mat & I looked at my watch 17:59. OMG!!! I just swam a 750m in under 18 minutes. My fasted ever 750m. emoticon

T1 was a challenge. I had a hard time staying upright & couldn't keep my balance. I pushed throu & chatted/laughed with a lady who was waiting for her team mate. Finally dressed, helmet on, bike unracked...off I went.

Bike - Last year I used the bike portion as a recovery stage. This time I decided to push it. I not only made it to the 10km mark in 22 minutes, I passed a lady. 1/2km later while going uphill I passed another lady while a guy passed both of us. Due to the guy passing us & talking to us (plus he was a cutie) I didn't see who I was passing. Another 1/2km away a lady rides up on me...'where you in my lane swimming?'. Wow this is the girl that lapped me. We chatted for a few moments & she told me she finished the swim in just over 14
minutes. 14 MINUTES. WOW!! She then complemented my biking & said I was really good biker. I'm thinking can't you hear me huffing & puffing, I'm struggling. She then told me she was going to stay on my tail & off I went. A few km's later I realized..WOW!! She lapped my not once but twice & I not only caught up to her, I passed her. I made up 3 minutes. I'm not doing that bad. I looked back at one point & I couldn't see her. Holy crap I'm doing better than I thought.

T2 - I dismount my bike & walk (yes walked) my bike through the chute & put it on the rack in one try. Way better than last year when it took me 4 attempts to get it on the rack. emoticon

Run - I walked past the start mat & the girl says 'are you running?'. Me 'Yes. well Suppose to be.' So she triggered my ankle chip. I walked for a few minutes, then I ran 5&1, 3&1 then I went to 1&1's. The run was HARD. I was running way faster than normal, so I tried
to slow down to my 'normal' pace. But it was too hard to run slower. I felt I could walk faster than that. It was a really weird feeling to have to run fast or not run & walk. I told myself my walk had to be under 10 minute kms. Which I was able to keep. At the 3km mark I looked at my watch & thought OMG I can make my ROCK STAR goal of under 1:45 if I booked it. Then I thought no way..it's not gonna happen. I'm hurting, my legs cramped & I feel nauseous. Well of course, because I said I couldn't, it didn't happen.

1km left, I see the nicest, greenest patch of grass & I want to curl up on it & go to sleep.

1/2km left (which at this point feels like an eternity) I'm walking, I hear someone coming up to pass me saying 'keep it up you can do it'. Turns out it the same girl from the swim & bike caught up to me & passed me. It takes a few seconds for me to say I GOT THIS & started running all the way to the finish chute & across the finish line. I was only a few seconds behind her.

When I get home I was nervous to check my official chip time, because last year there was a timing glitch & my results never got fixed. It added 20 minutes onto my time & it took a month for me to finally get over it & accept my watch results as my official time. Thankfully
it matched my watch today....
Here's the breakdown:

750m Swim - 17:57.4 emoticon
T1 - 2:44.0 emoticon
20km Bike - 53:21.9
T2 - :51.6
5km Bike - 31:19.9 (Way better than I thought it was gonna be)
Total Time 1:46:15.0

So close to my ROCK STAR goal. But almost 9 minutes faster than last year. emoticon
Of course when I was standing at the finish line with my finishers high, I started analyzing my performance & felt I coulda done better somewhere to get my rock star goal. But for the past 9 hours....I've felt spent, done, exhaused.

Now that the finishers high is gone & the body's sore... I know I gave it my all & I am proud of my performance!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are awesome! Way to shave 9 minutes off your last year's time. I'm so happy for you. I need some inspiration For my running. Here it is. Thanks for blogging this. Thanks so much for your continued support. You've definitely helped me keep hanging in there. You girl! emoticon emoticon
    1642 days ago
    Ms. Butterfly!

    You did SO well!! So proud of your performance! You swim time was great seriously and I love that you caught right up that that other swimmer on the bike where you really killed it! All of your times were really good and that is incredible that you PR'd by 9 minutes!

    Just think - this is just the beginning of your tri experience, at this rate you are going to dominate these triathlons!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1649 days ago
    That is emoticon emoticon

    1652 days ago
    Awesome results.....Fantastic
    1653 days ago
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