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Pre-op Appointment for Gastric Bypass

Saturday, May 11, 2013

So, my last blog was full of me complaining because I was putting myself through a liquid diet the day before my weigh in before my last doc appt for surgery. And I know it's not healthy and not a long term weight loss plan, I wasn't doing it for weight loss per se, I was doing it to make sure I wasn't up at all, even one pound, retaining water or whatever, because then my insurance can deny the surgery. I've worked too long and too hard to deal with that baloney. So I digress...

I weighed in at the doc at 250 (down 4 pounds from the previous appt-Woo Hoo!) and went over all kinds of fun boring details..lol Did a brief "check up" (heart, lungs, etc) to make sure I was still alive, I guess..lol Did a lot of waiting, at which time hubby and I argued a lot about family in the waiting room. My family is very close. I can totally see my 2 sisters, 1 brother, mom and all the signif others in the waiting room for me. Hubby appreciates that they're all so supportive, but he says it's inconsiderate to others to take up that many waiting room seats. I don't get it..first of all, the waiting room is not usually that full (been there before, several times-other things) and second of all, I don't really care if we take up EVERY seat. It's my family and they want to support me and honestly if I were in their shoes, if I want to be there to support my family going in for surgery, I'm damn well gonna be there. Anyway, hubby got his panties in a bunch (his family is not as close...we just grew up differently. My sister wouldn't think twice to come into my room if I wasn't there and borrow a hairbrush, he and his brother would never do anything like that or something...I don't get it. But we've accepted --or I've accepted-- that we grew up differently and have different beliefs/thoughts about stuff like that. Child rearing could be complicated..lol)

Anyway, the doctor said from me going back to get iv and such to me being out of recovery and having guests would be like 4-5 hours, so I did tell my family, they absolutely didn't need to be there..sitting in uncomfortable chairs for 5 hours. My hubby and probably my mom will be there and one of them will call the rest when there's any news. No biggie, but again, it just annoyed me that hubby made it all about him. I did at some point get a little pissy and said, "well, not to sound nasty, but this isn't about you and how you feel in the waiting room with so many people. It's about ME." At any rate, normally he's fully supportive, just had a stick up his butt I guess.

So, I've digressed waaaay off the actual appointment details, didn't I? LOL Ok, enough bitching about the hubby....

Hmmm..what else? Pretty boring appointment. Doc told me I need to be on a 10 day liquid diet before surgery due to my liver, oh just kill me now! 10 days?!?! This will super-duper suck! So, surgery's on May 28, liquid diet starts May 17 so from now I have a week of regular food/normal eating and after surgery, we all know it'll be totally different, so, yeah...1 week left until the change of my life. Scary, right?! Well, what did I do? I friggin made a "to eat" list! LOL Totally started a list...included was: Bojangles, Perogies, Creamed Chipped Beef, DQ Blizzard, etc etc etc. Doc also said during the liquid diet not to use my insulin or diabetic meds, but keep tabs on my blood sugars and if they rise to call him and he gave me his cell phone number!!! Really? Odd...my dentist gave me his cell last year sometime too...maybe these doctors are hitting on me! ;) LOL J/K Oh yeah, and the liquid diet also is between 800-1000 calories! Oh, help!!!!! Ok...Ok...breathe...I can do this....

So, nothing overly exciting...oh yeah, they also took my "before" pictures! Exciting! It's so close!

Now, this was a very busy day, because after my appointment, first we stopped for dinner (Bojangles...lol...1 checked off the "to eat" list!) Then we went to the support group meeting. That was kinda boring (went over nutrition type stuff and I just went through 3 months of that, so it was a lot of repeat) but after the "business" part there's a low key open discussion with the group and there's a bunch of post-ops and I love that part of it. They're so real about everything and you learn more about everything then than you do at any appointment! I was also told that the doctors will sew you back up and send you home to reschedule the surgery IF you don't follow the liquid diet and if your liver didn't shrink enough! UGH!!! Well, if THAT'S not going to keep me on the ball, nothing will!!! LOL

I really love the support group meetings..mostly the general chat time. Everyone's so supportive (huh...support group being supportive..go figure..lol) but everyone's so real. I even told them about my "to eat" list and they all laughed and most of them did the same thing! lol

I slacked on blogging this on Thursday (when the appt was) and it's Saturday now, today I was talking to my brother about his 21st bday which is in September and he asked if I was coming out with him...I had to think about how far along I'd be..about 4 months, so I might not be able to have a drink yet. No biggie, he said I can be the DD then..lol Thanks, a lot, bro! I do know you have to be very careful if you do drink because #1 you're a cheap date..lol and #2 the sugar in alcohol can really mess you up. No biggie, I'm not a big drinker, so I'm not worried about that, even if I can never drink again.

Since Thursday, I probably gained those 4 pounds back...lol Bojangles Thursday, Cheesesteaks tonight and DQ blizzard afterwards. Oh well...I'm not gonna feel guilty..it's my last week of freedom!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I was the exact opposite of you. While i love my family and we are close, they can be over bearing at times. When I came out of recovery, I told them "I love you, but get out" I just wanted to be left alone!

    I am glad to see that you made your weigh in ok. As I said before, I am not an advocate for sucking weight, but I understand why you need to do it in this case, and it is completely understandable!

    Best of luck to you!
    1745 days ago
    You will drop all that on the liquid diet.
    But you HAVE to do it religiously.
    How exiting! My birthday is on the 28th so I will not forget about you.

    1746 days ago
    I am right there with you.I too am diabetic and have to lower my numbers before wrist and elbow surgery for the second time on my other arm.And yes you do need to do as the doc says.I had my surgery cancelled because of testing to high last time.good luck to you.
    1746 days ago
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