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My new weight loss buddy.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hubby went for his annual physical 2 weeks ago. Went for his results yesterday....Cholesterol good. Blood pressure okay. Prostrate healthy. Weight - over board.

He comes home and announces - I must lose 30 lbs - I am going back in 2 months and the doctor wants to see results! We gotta get serious about this!!!!!

Well I've been doing modified Eat to Live plan - and its working somewhat for me but it's been tough going full bore on it when hubby is eating and snacking his way along alongside me... So this is good. I have a new buddy on board. is always interesting to find out what your better half doesn't know.... Let's start with instructions from the MD.... No more cheese - no more bread. Eat fresh foods some lean protein - chicken fish.. And the weight will come off.... HA! if only it was so easy! Hubby declares he can do this! Okay - and watch the portions and hubby says his portions are overboard in some cases - like when he eats pasta....So I lob him a general question -- so what does a portion look like and he answers very confidently - The size of your fist! Okay -for what food is the fist a portion size - and he very confidently says - FOR ALL FOODS! Who would have thought that he could be living in the same house as me and believe this.......

So today we have been working on What is a portion - for all kinds of foods while doing yard work. He is a bit disgruntled. He is working off information that he used some 20 years ago to lose some weight - when everything was Low Fat - that was the craze... and he has tuned out for the last 15 years- and the last 5 years the pounds have caught up with him...

He's the same guy that lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks when he stopped eating his way and ate lunches I packed for him - that was last spring... Oh well.... I have an ally now - after our quizzing and rallying about food, protein, fats, carbs and all that jazz today - he is cluing in to the fact that he needs more information. He needs to get caught up on this nutrition thing....

At least I have someone motivated to work with me instead of chowing down on snacks while we relax in the evening... He's had a tough day today as we ease into Eating Better....

He loves his fruit - yogurt- granola for breakfast - so today I fixed it with 2 servings of mixed fresh berries - one serving of low fat strawberry yogurt and 1 serving of granola. He looked at the bowl and looked at me... This is it??? Yup. Where's all the granola??? That's it hon. HMMMM.... Can I have a few sausages too? No. A long pause follows. and then he says with a sigh - - -I guess this losing weight is harder than I thought it would be....

Lord help me. Breakfast day 1 and he is worried about how hard it will be..... So I need to ease off and ease him into healthy eating... and NO! he can't go on Spark! He'll find me and discover that I'm blogging about him!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well. We'll see how buddy and me get along as we travel side by side for the next 2 months = eating healthy -- - we won't even start on exercise - - he does not believe in working out - he believes in Doing Chores!!!!!!!!! more on that in a few days......
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  • SWP0213
    This will be good for you, but I agree with the other commenters... Make sure he does the work, too! Good luck!! emoticon
    1770 days ago
    He might be more successful if he took the responsibility for his weight loss, instead of you. I think I'd have a time of it if someone else was telling me what to eat and what exercise to do. I would he prolly won't make any lasting changes, if you are the one making them on his behalf..
    1770 days ago
  • MARIANNE9855
    good luck- it should be easier with a buddy- my husband could be my buddy but he refuses to listen to me and I have always found that the better I do- the worse he does with eating and vice versa.

    I totally agree about sparkpeople- Face Book was ruined for me when he went on and started posting stuff from his perspective including about me- He made me so mad- I had hidden all his postings- then he went on and insulted my sisterinlaw and she is still not speaking to me because she blamed it on me-

    Anyway I seldom go on Facebook anymore- sparkpeople is much better for me. emoticon
    1771 days ago
    Great advice about getting him to join. It will also have the calories he needs to eat in a day which will be more then what we get to eat. Lucky men! Yard work etc. are listed for fitness minutes. Maybe you can ease him in with walks! Mine will come with me once in awhile (though not without asking "Where are you going?") I am learning to say one distance then "adding to it" when we are almost to the turn around point.

    Have fun!

    1771 days ago
    You SHOULD encourage him to join Sparkpeople. He will get the information he needs in many ways here. You two could be partners in losing rather than teacher and student.

    It is much easier if one of you isn't snacking in front of the other! I wish you both great progress and eventual success in reaching your goals.

    1771 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    I had to laugh about his portion sizes
    does he even remember when you packed his lunches?
    no you can't keep him from sp.... just um edit? your blogs
    1771 days ago
    I'm glad you have a buddy and I'm glad he said it's not as easy as it sounds. That is half the battle, accepting that this stuff is hard and takes work. I know you will show him the ropes and you will both see the pounds coming off! emoticon emoticon
    1772 days ago
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