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Day 11 of Clean - My Temptations/Victorie
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Overall, I think I've had good results so far with the 21 day detox program. It was difficult, at first, not eating after dinner, as that has been a habit of mine for far too long. I've had a few occasions when I've gone beyond the boundaries of the detox regime. Each one of those was a learning opportunity.

Day one, I made rice krispie treats. Didn't eat any; wasn't tempted.

On day two, I made pancakes for the family. I was surprised that I was not even tempted to lick batter off my fingers, or even taste the final product. I did make 'healthy' pancakes, with less sugar, and replaced oats for some of the flour. Everyone said they were really good. I just trusted that they weren't patronizing me.

About day 5, I was feeling really good, and started to get more regular with my exercise. I took my 3 and 4 year old to a local frozen yogurt joint for lunch; it was one of those places with all of the choose-yourself mix-ins. Of course, my daughters always choose weird combinations like M&Ms, fruity pebbles, mini Reesie cups, and gummy worms. I opted for a small, plain cup of green apple sorbet. It was so sickly sweet and tart, I couldn't really enjoy it. Blech.

At day 6, I had my friend over for dinner to celebrate her leaving her jerky employer of 26 years, after being blessed with a new job. I made Italian beef in the crockpot (the beef was an organic, grass-fed rump roast), homemade rolls (all white flour), and she made a vegetable casserole with Velveeta, butter, and Ritz crackers. We opened a bottle of wine. Well, I had a glass of red wine while cooking and talking with her, a cup of my "clean" carrot/cauliflower soup from the day before, 1/2 Italian Beef sandwich, about 1/4 cup of her veggie casserole, which was DELICIOUS. I wanted more, but had a little more soup and I was good. Glass of wine with dinner. And after dinner. Too much wine.

The next morning I felt like crap. But not bad enough to avoid running, doing yoga, and having 3 liquid meals. The next day, I felt awesome again.

Another day, I went out to dinner with my friend and her parent's to Rocknie's. I had a plate of veggies with oil/vinegar dresssing and a glass of water.

Day 8, I went to an annual event that usually has a huge spread of delicious comfort foods at the church. I stuck to mixed green salad, fruit and tea. The dressing was already on the salad, and I think it had sugar, but I still counted this a 'win'.

Day 9, had lunch at a very fancy local restaurant for PTA meeting. I had a salad with oil and vinegar dressing (HUGE SALAD), and a salmon plank. That sucker cost me $23 for that lunch. It was good - I didn't fret about how the salmon was cooked. Still counted this a 'win' as I was not tempted AT ALL by the bread on the table, the banana bread with cream cheese that came with my meal, nor the sheet cake they had afterward. Equally not tempted by the jars of candy (favors) that I came home with.

Yesterday, I went on an overnight with my daughter for girl scouts. They had a snack of crackers and pretzels in the evening, which I skipped. The info. about the overnight said not to bring any food/drinks. I was a rebel - made a big bahoobee container of green juice. It tasted GREAT in the morning. They served a continental breakfast of bagels/cream cheese. Skipped that. Mini muffins - I had a carrot one, it was tasty. And light yogurt. Now, I used to eat light yogurt all the time, even this same brand...but I took one bite, and that stuff tasted just NASTY to me. I could taste the FAKE sweetener and FAKE fruit flavor. For lunch, my daughter and I stopped at a chinese restaurant. We shared a combo - she got the soup and eggroll, and helped me eat the (fried) rice. I ordered cashew chicken. Any cashew chicken I've ever had was in a white/clear sauce, and the chicken just plain. This was in a sweet brown sauce and fried. But, I was so hungry at that point that I ate it. That was today. I'm sitting here burping the grease. But - I went for a fairly long walk/run today. Tonight we're going out for an early Mother's Day celebration and I plan on having some vegetable Pho. YUM.

Tomorrow, I will have liquid breakfast, a 'clean' veggie burger and salad for lunch, and liquid dinner.

I thought it would be difficult to cook all the meals around here for my family and just have liquid meals, but it really hasn't been so bad. My husband is a little annoyed that I'm not "eating with the family" - meaning, I'm not eating the same thing, but that's his problem, so I'll just let him keep it.

By day 8, I had lost 11 whopping pounds, and I just couldn't believe it. But, as you see, that's also where I started my series of challenges...some of which I was 'up' to, and some not so much. I also am at that 'dicey' stage of my lady cycle, where I usually gain about 5 lbs. of water weight. Seems, I've only gained about 1 this month - a blessing indeed.

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    "About day 5, I was feeling really good, and started to get more regular with my exercise." Now there's the reward, right there! Get oneself feeling good enough to do things that make you feel even better!

    Well done!
    1776 days ago
    Enjoyed your blog!! Keep on keeping on!
    1776 days ago
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